Sunday, April 15, 2012

Big Kitchen Clean-Out - Part 2

This isn't so much about the kitchen cleanout, but really about the whole organisation of the kitchen itself.  I found that once I moved a few things, I had to put the excess stuff that was sitting around in other places.  When I moved my Tupperware, I had to move the slow-cooker into the place where it all used to be.  So, it was a matter of swapping a lot of things around to make it all fit.
And I found a lot of old things I had never used; and should.  For example, I found a pile of my late-Grandmother's plates sitting at the bottom of one of my cupboards waiting for the many visitors I was supposedly going to have one of these days.  So, I pulled them out - remembering one of them was cracked - and put them onto the kitchen table to be washed up.  I also found other things around the kitchen I could use that added to the kitchen table; and ended up with a big pile of stuff to wash up on that table.
By around 3pm, I had put everything away and had only that pile of stuff on the kitchen table to wash up and place into those designated spots I had in mind for them.  And you know?  It felt great to be able to use all these old things from my Grandparent's house.  I also found a lovely glass plate in my cupboard and I've never used!  Now, how long had that been there, I'll never know!  But it will be used now I know I have it.All the glasses and smaller plates were moved and their area was cleaned up... then I found another nest of roaches!  Yuk!  They've been hiding in my Grandma's old scales... how disgusting can you get?  Well, today, when I went off to the shop to buy the paper and milk, I also bought some surface spray and sprayed up inside that thing.  I'll have to do it again in a few weeks' time to break the cycle.  I even went out on Wednesday and bought myself a new knife block to replace the old one - as you all know - and it looks great!  I do love it and it only cost me $18 at K-Mart.  Well worth it getting there; as I also got a new set of knives with it... which I've kept in their box in case I need them at a later date.
It feels great to have my kitchen nice and tidy and clean; just the way it should be.  It make me feel good and I can see where everything is; as it should be.  There's about three more cupboards to do, and that's it there, but they won't take long; and I only have to clean them out, wash up what's inside there and tidy them up.  There's no throwing out in them as I know what's inside them.  Anyway, I must be going... it's been a good weekend so far, despite the rain today.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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