Saturday, April 28, 2012

What A Week!

This has been a big, full week of emotions, loneliness and trying to keep busy.  However, it all came together in the end and we survived this week.  
Unlike most weeks, we have had a rotten week.  Uncle Allan passed away from advanced Prostate Cancer on Sunday and - despite the shock of it - we know it was a blessing for him to be out of pain and to be free of the medications he was on.  I loved him a lot, as did everyone in our family, and he will be missed greatly.  However, he did leave his mark on this world and you probably use things of his every day and don't even know it... I do and didn't know half the things he had invented in his life to make things work better than they did to make our lives easier.
But for a good part of the week, while most of my family had people to talk to, I was on my own.  I didn't have any physical contact with any family members until yesterday morning at the service where I really fell apart.  And during the first few nights of this week, I cried myself to sleep.  It's been hard to work through this on my own.  I know my friends have been there for me, however, I wish I had somebody nearby to hug me once in a while or to show me they knew what I was going through.
On Anzac Day, we didn't do anything.  It was another day of the week - except everything was closed - and so I slept in, ate breakfast, read a book and stuffed around on the net then watched a dvd.  It really wasn't much a day as we didn't go to a Dawn Service - or any kind of service - as Mum and Dad were busily working on getting Uncle Allan's service working smoothly.
Thursday was my shopping day.  And because I down to my last few food scraps, I had been forced to make fried rice and egg-based foods.  So, when I went, I had a massive list to get.  I came home and found I couldn't find space for half of it... oh well, at least, next time I won't have a problem with over-buying.  It'll be just a top-up shop and that's it.
Yesterday was a cold, wet day.  However we didn't let that dampen our spirits in saying farewell to Uncle Allan.  The service was a good, funny one; full of laughter and memories of him.  We found our way back to thinking about his house and how many parties and celebrations we had had there over the years.  He was always a wonderfully loving and generous man whose heart had enough room for everyone.  He will be missed by all who he met; no matter for how long.
Today, we have to vote for our mayors of our councils.  It's another wet, cold day and I don't want to go out anywhere.  However, if I don't, I'll get a fine.  So, there's no real choice in the matter.  That was my week... busy, emotional and rainy.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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