Saturday, May 12, 2012

This Year's Progress

This year has been an interesting one.  They say it's a year of a lot of changes, a lot of spiritual weirdness and interesting turn-arounds.  For me, this year has been a year of renewal.  I have been witnessing a lot of new things in my life; and a lot of changes in it too.
I decided that it would be this year that I'd begin on my back garden.  I thought to wait for the fences to be fixed up in the past, but found it was a lost cause to wait any longer; and just get in and do the work I've wanted to do for the last three years.  Thus far, I've gone and finished Phase One and I've saved up for half of Phase Two - which is going to be more expensive than the first phase.  I'm looking forward to working on it again. 
Then, I wanted to get a new vacuum cleaner.  So, I looked around on the net and found one, but when I took in my old one, Godfrey's said there wasn't anything wrong with it.  So, they sold me something to make it work better and the bags be used up less.  Now my carpets are not only cleaner, but there's less dust in the air when I do vacuum the house.  And it only cost me $50; what a deal!
In recent weeks, I've found that the cooler weather and unpredictable rain we get sometimes has been putting off my laundry drying on time.  So, each time I've needed to bring in damp laundry, my house has turned into a teenager's bedroom... not a good look!  A couple of weeks ago, I invested in a new clothes horse.  It's on wheels, can hold up to one load of laundry and folds up to one fifth its original size; as well as the shelves being able to be folded up so I can hang towels and jeans to dry.  how cool is that?  This cost me $109.00 (add on deliver of $15.00) and I ended up throwing out my old one the next day. 
The weekend I was cleaning out my kitchen - and doing a great job of it - I pushed myself to get into the routine of washing up before going to bed and putting the rubbish out every night; and if I can't, at least tie it up to be put out the next morning.  Well, I've kept to that routine for the last two months and I haven't had a cockroach in the house; but two Huntsman Spiders have tried to make my kitchen home... so really, I can't win can I?  I'm not worried about it though, at least my kitchen it clean enough for me to use everything in it when I need to.
I'm also slowly getting through the rest of my house when it comes to cleaning out.  I recently donated everything I had by the front door to Endoes with Mum helping me out.  She was impressed at how many bags went out my door; and that I don't regret a single thing about it all.  I'm just happy somebody else can use it all and I've got more space to enjoy around my home.  
I'm not saying I've finished cleaning out my place - by any means - but I've cleaned out a good lot of it.  My wardrobe has had its yearly clean-up, the kitchen is getting updated constantly (and I don't feel bad about tossing out what's worn out anymore) and my office is being started on again.  I worked through one bag in front of Bookcase #2 and now I have two more bags to work through.  I can't wait until this room is a good working, easy-to-use office that I enjoy looking at working with.  Of course this tidying up and cleaning out will take time.  I need another shredder and my old printer needs to be tossed out as it's no longer working (hasn't worked in over 2 years), so I'll have more room on this desk to move the modem and work with.  and a place to put a box of tissues if I need them...when I need them.  
Well, that's all from me about the progress of this year.  Have you noticed anything in your life where big things have changed a lot this year... and only this year?  If so, let us know about it.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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