Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Today, was Mother's Day.  I didn't do much, except have a nice hot shower and read the paper; taking my time with the nice cool, Autumn morning.  The wind had a brisk feel to it and I had a few things I wanted to do with my time before anything else.  I took out the rubbish and fed the pets before I did too much else.  And seeing I couldn't play any of my vinyls until my new stylus comes into the store at Woodridge, I put on some cds and turned up the volume (as the radio station I listen to has sports shows on in the mornings on the weekends; how boring can ya get???).
The first thing I did when I came into the office - before I turned on the computer - was unplug and pull down the old Epson Printer.  This thing had turned off its programming due to me not using it on a regular basis two years ago.  Since then, it's been sitting above my computer monitor gathering dust in a major way.  So, today, it was tossed into the recycle bin!  It's a huge weight off my mind; and I immediately began to sneeze!  
After cleaning down the area with a damp cloth, I moved my modem over, re-arranged my things to make it look good up there, and then got the computer going.  It was a good few hours of me stuffing around on the net before I thought to call my folks to have them around for afternoon tea.  Mum said they'd think about it; but then about an hour later, Dad called me from his car and asked if I'd like to come over to their place instead.  I said yes, and he picked me up about 20 minutes later.  We did a little shopping and showed up at their place much to the surprise of Mum; who I snuck up on!  She was thrilled I was over for the afternoon and that I had bought some snacks - very sweet ones - for us to munch on while we had coffee.
The day was windy and sunny; and yet we all had runny noses.  I think Autumn has really bothered everyone; not only us.  We were all sneezing and I felt a little as though I was coming down with a cold; but then, I always feel this way at this time of the year.  So, I'll have to find myself some antihistamines to keep my nose under control.
I showed Dad how to open a hotmail/live address on ninemsn and we had to try out about 8 or 9 addresses before it let him use one that wasn't taken. Then, we fed the birds and he worked on using that new e-mail address to its full extent.  
Once home - at around 4pm or so - I closed up the house and made sure we were nice and warm.  The television was switched on and I made myself pizza for dinner and at it all then settled in to watch 'Touch' and taped a sci-fi prophecy program on SBS (this time getting the channel on the VCR right!).  I'll watch it tomorrow; as it's on Isaac Asimov.  
So, how did you spend Mother's Day?  Did you take out your Mum and have a BBQ?  Or did you surprise your Mum with an at-home lunch with family?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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