Friday, May 11, 2012

Mid-Week Mother's Day

Yesterday was a big day for Mum and me.  I had a doctor's appointment at the Wesley Hospital to see about what to do about an ovarian cyst.  And the wonderful gynie there put me onto the Pill... yay.  This is something I have successfully avoided for a good part of my life because I didn't think I needed it and I found it hard to find one that would agree with my meds.  So, there I was sitting in the office of the gynie talking about taking the Pill; but then realising he has probably got a lot of Epileptics on his records who are in the same boat as me.  The amazing thing about the Pill is that it won't affect my meds so much as my meds will affect how the Pill works.  Weird stuff don't you think?

After that, I asked Mum to take me around to the two places I used to live with Jason - my abusive ex-boyfriend.  This was something I needed to do as a boundary buster; something a psychologist had advised me to do during my new life without him so I can go about a normal life without remembering bad memories about the old places.  We found our ways to these two units and I took photos of them and spent time there knowing that after all this time, the area had moved on - just like I had - and even though the building looked the same, the surrounding area didn't.  Mum was as pleased as I was with how I dealt with revisiting these old places; and I'm hoping to get myself to Park Road and the last few places - like St Lucia - before too long.
Soon enough though, we were both hungry and were heading off to Mt Gravatt to have lunch.  I took Mum to Sushi Deli for a lovely lunch of sushi and some octopus fritters, green tea and I ate a delicious dessert as well.  It didn't cost as much as I thought it was going to; and so I had enough money to buy Mum her Mother's Day gift and so I did while she went off to the chemist and she loved the bell whisk and new wooden spoon I bought to replace the old ones in her kitchen (as I had noticed her old ones were in need of updating).  Earlier yesterday morning, I gave her a card with a pen attached to it and she loved the pen (as she's always looking for one in her bag) and so she added these new gifts to the ones I gave that morning.
We walked around Garden City to David Jones, where she returned something there; but I asked if it was okay for me to head off to QBD and meet her there.  She agreed and I ended up buy two books - 'Other People's Diaries' by Kathy Webb and 'The French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook' by Mireille Guilliano.  These were on the special's table... not too bad for just under $20 if you ask me.
After she came from David Jones, we were rushing off to her hair appointment where I took in one of my books and began reading it.  I got into it a little, then became bored because a headache was bothering me.  The day had been very long and I was beginning to tire out as well.  So, my concentration levels were faltering.
By the time Mum dropped me home, it was around 4:30pm... what massive day we had had together!  It was a great day, a fun one too.  We had a lot of laughs together as well as some good chatting together about everything and anything.  I love getting together with my Mum.  And today being my day out with Mum for Mother's Day is great.  Now, my brother, Gabe, can do his thing with her on Sunday.  It's not that we don't like celebrating the day, it's just most times, we can't decide what to do together... so over the last few years, I've taken a day - a couple of days before - and he's taken her out on the day of Mother's Day.  It's worked for us over the last few years; and besides, she loves getting two special days out with her kids.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 

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