Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It's the middle of the week.  Payday... rubbish collection day...Wednesday.  We're neither here nor there; and yet I really didn't want to go shopping.  But I had nothing in the house to make a proper meal - and besides, the veggies in the crisper were beginning to look pretty bad.
So, I caught the bus to Triple C at Woodridge.  The first place I looked in on was Life Line where I found a few lovely little bags.  One in particular was a lime green handbag which was quite retro.  So, I bought that with another handbag and two coin purses and went off to Woolworths where I stocked up well on veggies, fruit and chocolate before I started my 15 minute walk to Logan Central Plaza.  With the aid of my ipod and some cool music, I enjoyed my walk to that place more in the sun.
Woodys' was the first shop I paid a visit to and they ordered in my new stylus for my turntable.  Carol said it was her who took my order last week; remembering it was me who called her as they don't get orders for them too often, and when they do, the people don't pick them up.  But they trust me that I'll pick it up.  After I began paying for a delivery that came in of a television series, I received a phone call from Mum who offered to pick me up (how cool!) to save me cab fare, I was then on my way to Coles.
It didn't take me long to get through Coles, pay for my groceries and sms Mum and then wait for her out the front for around 20 minutes.  She showed up, we packed her Pajero and were on our way to Endoes to drop off some things that she wanted to donate, then off to my place to drop off my groceries.
I soon put everything away, jumped online, stuffed around on here for a while.  Then, I thought it was time to clean the green bag and think about dinner.  It was beginning to get onto 3:30pm.  So, that was my day... busy and yet I kept everything under budget.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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