Sunday, May 27, 2012

Busy Week....end

My busy week didn't stop at Friday, it just kept flowing right into my weekend; and finished today.  It'll start up again tomorrow when I have to go out again and return something to Dick Smiths at Logan Central.
However, yesterday, I was out all day right up until the late afternoon, but I didn't plan it that way.  I was out the door just after 9am and catching the bus before the chill was out of the air.  I had my new Beatles 'Abbey Road' bag with me to take to the Logan Art Gallery for my volunteer work and something to eat while I was there.  And the bus was early, so this made me 10 minutes early as well!  How good is that?  But my partner in crime at the desk didn't show.  She was down with a stomach bug; so I was monitoring the desk on my own.
The morning flew by filled with families coming in to see the exhibitions for the schools done up by the students for the competitions for Environment Week.  And there were other works of art there as well.  I took phone calls and tried to knit, but kept losing count and had to unravel my work about four times before I gave up.  I found an advert about collectors.  So, I'm going to look into that; seeing I'm a collector of quite a few things and have worked on an artworks of one of them.
Then, before I knew it, another volunteer showed up.  He was an hour early and so we chatted until another one showed and I found I still had another 40 minutes to kill before I had a bus to catch.  It was then, I thought it was a lovely day to go and walk down to Logan Central.  It took around 10 minutes or so and I took some photos while I was looking around.  And just before I came to the large shopping complex, I heard some music coming from a community centre across the street.  So, not having much to do for the next few hours, I crossed over and thought to see what was playing.  Switch 119.7 was there with a few live acts to raise some money for the community centre.  They had a sausage sizzle going and face painting and hair colouring all kinds of raffles too.  And I sat in on a solo guitarist who had the crowd dancing:  Richard Turner.  He was giving away his cd to everyone and I scored a copy from him as well as one on one conversation.  It was cool.  He writes all his own material and lives down at Victoria Point.  Once we finished chatting and he gave me his cd, we parted ways and I needed to go to Dick Smiths to get a booster for my tv.  
I spent around $60 at Dick Smith's Electronics.  And once home, I disconnected the tv, antenna and opened the packages and then followed all the instructions to the letter... and... nothing.  The tv had everything in the guide, but no signal.  I re-read the instructions - all 3 sentences - and it made no sense.  So, I undid everything and put it all back the way it was and the tv worked!  Boy, was I peeved!  Now, it's all gotta go back to the place and I have to get my money back.  All this to get better reception.
Anyway, by the time I did all this, it was around 4pm.  Little Miss Stevie was a little chilly and I pulled the curtains and closed up the house.  It was time to get myself ready for a cold night; as the temperature had plummeted quite a bit since I had gotten home.  I had also smsed Dad and told him that the booster hadn't worked.  It took him some time to reply; and now we have to work out another way to get the reception to work better.  
Last night, there wasn't anything worthwhile on any of the stations.  So, I made up some sweet popcorn and watched a John Hughes double of 'Sixteen Candles' and 'The Breakfast Club'... haven't seen those in ages.  Great movies and funny for their time.  I washed up late and put out the rubbish then was off to bed by around 11pm or so; after I checked my e-mail.  
Today, I've got most of my washing out, cooked up a nice hot, big breakfast and read some of the paper.  The sun is out, but it's still a bit chilly.  Yep, Winter is most definitely here and I love it because of the comfort food and the warm sunshine.  And today, it's the first time I've been able to slow down and relax in about five days.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm, and remember I'm always here.

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