Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sultry Thursday

I'm so thankful I'm home now.  I took off at around 9:30am to Mum and Dad's place by bus to drop off their mail and check on the house - as they're on holidays - and now I'm home.  Looking outside, it's looking just like it did yesterday afternoon around this time:  it's looking like rain.
But, I didn't just go and check on their house, I also had a few things to do before I did anything else.  I walked around Woolworths to pick up a few things I missed out on during yesterday's shopping trip.  I forgot eggplants and delicates laundry detergent... simple stuff really, but I needed it.  Then, I walked out of Woolworths and past Baker's Delight and found it was closed.  All the bread and everything was gone, lights were off and it was empty with signs up apologising for any inconvenience this might cause the public.  
I walked through Centro and to the newsagency where I ordered in next month's 'Good Reading' Magazine.  I'll be around there next week, so I'll pick i up then.  And then, I walked to Rockaway where they were having a 30% off everything sale on all stock - which ends tomorrow! - and bought up big!  I found two vinyls I've been looking for and bought a bag of 'Abbey Road' The Beatles.  Very cool.  It was then I went to Mum and Dad's house and found that their footpath was beginning to look like a rubbish dump - even though their bin is chained up out the front.  I found a 3/4 empty soft drink bottle right next to the wheelie bin and wondered how people can't just open the lid and put it in... it's no great effort!  This really peeves me to no end.  If you have rubbish and there's a bin nearby, use the damned thing!  Don't just throw the crap on the ground, you grot (mind you, if you're not one who does that, I'm not aiming that comment at you personally).  
I dropped off the mail inside, made myself a drink with some Almond Milk - regretted that move immediately as it tasted horrible - and ended up tipping it down the sink.  I didn't stay long there, but I did have get a cab home seeing I brought home more things that I left my place with...  and I couldn't carry it all to a bus stop with me.  Bummer.  Oh well, next time I'll have to travel a little lighter. 
It's beginning to cool down.  So, I've just been downstairs to pull the curtain for Little Miss Stevie and close the back door for when the rain comes.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow; for when it rains and I'm home all day, as it'll be my only free day to myself.  How good is that?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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