Monday, June 25, 2012

Moody Monday

Today was a cold, overcast day.  But it didn't stop me from doing all the things that needed to be done.  I had pancakes for breakfast; even though they weren't as good as last weeks, they still tasted good with maple syrup!  I went for a walk and checked the mail before coming home to start on today's work around the house.
But today, it started out cold and pretty much stayed that way.  I just couldn't warm up the house or myself.  So, I got into doing some work around the place.  Dad dropped by to pick up Uncle Allan's car that was being stored here for the last six weeks; and while he was here, I noticed one of the palings on the side fence of my yard had fallen down.  So, when I returned home, I pulled out the hammer and nails and tried to put it back up - rather unsuccessfully.  So, Dad came back to pick up his car and found me around the side swearing at the fence and trying to pull the bent nail out (I did hammer it straight, but it bent on its own).  He helped me out by putting plenty of nails into the rest of the fence to keep them all from falling down.  Then, he went off home.
After that job was finished, I did two loads of laundry and tried out some new knitting patterns.  It was good to sit down and have the time to get into the ones I haven't tried out yet.  This wasn't successful either; so I just ended up hanging up the laundry on the clothes horse and planning my dinner for the next few nights; and realising I needed to go to the new fruit shop, the thrift store and the newsagents to get some things tomorrow.
By this time, it was around 3pm and I was getting a little bored with what wasn't happening in the day; which wasn't much.  It was too cold to go out again and too late to get anything done that was going to take a lot of time.  So, I organised myself some hot Milo and afternoon tea and put on the television and watched my reruns of sitcoms and cooked myself up some of my famous Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Carrot soup with Garlic... yummo!  
Tonight was a bit of a hit and miss with television as well... not much on and if there was, it wasn't very interesting.  So, I concentrated on knitting a new scarf with a new pattern - which I've altered successfully - until around 10pm.  In between advert breaks on the television and knitting, I've washed up and put out the rubbish then covered Little Miss Stevie over and deadlocked the doors of the house.  Before long, I found myself on here.  But I today, I have found I've had problems with the computer.  It's been restarting itself for no reason for the last week.  So, I defragged it and cleaned out the fans and vents; but to no avail, it's still doing it.  So, it looks like it's time I brought in a professional for them to have a look at the problem (seeing there's nothing my virus protection program has caught and told me about).  I'll have to see if Super-Geek can help me with it; as it's driving me nuts.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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