Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's A Certainty...

A lot of things were most certainly happening this weekend.  The cold weather here in Queensland has come in on us; even though the sun was out, it was still cold and many of us had to find our wooly jackets, scarves and hats.  This led to the next thing was a certainty:  comfort food.  I love this time of year due to being able to make nice hot comfort food.  And don't we all!  When Winter comes around and we all keep our doors and windows closed against the drafts and chilliness outside, it's always lovely to keep the house warm with a slow cooker or a dutch oven slowly cooking away in your stove.  
For me?  I love having hot breakfasts.  Be it not-bacon and eggs with all the fixing of mushrooms and tomatoes and toast, or freshly made pancakes (from scratch) with fruit and maple syrup drizzled over the top and a nice hot mug of coffee or tea to drink with it, hot breakfasts always take on a whole new look at this time of year with me.  I pull out the recipe books and really get into cooking up a storm.
I find a lot of things happen for me around this time of year too.  I get into my paintings, arts and craft and reading a lot at this time of year too.  I think it's because I'm all toasty and warm inside my house and it's cold outside and there's not much to do around the place except wait for the warmer weather to show up.  Yeah, that's gotta be it!  Otherwise, I find that Winter really gets me concentrating on my art, volunteering and working inside my house as well as planning my garden for Spring.
There's always a certainty for this time of year with Winter here in Australia.  Flus and colds are a certainty; as they go around and hit almost everyone who can catch them.  Some get them, some don't and some just know how to get rid of them quickly.  Otherwise there's also the other side of the globe I get thinking about where it's coming in Summer; and I know for a certainty it's very hot there now.  They are enjoying their ice-creams and swimming and sunny days out as well as their storm seasons too.
Certainly there are certainties that will be always be around; life is full of them.  As certain as the sun will rise, the moon and stars arc across the sky at night and the clouds will move across our daytime skies at around the same rate for each season - and we don't even realise it.  Certainties are that most of us will have a roof over our heads, while some of us won't, and a few of us will never see the inside of a house in our lives.  There are some other certainties as well, like there will always be poverty and war going on in the world that nobody can do anything about, no matter how much we try to stop it (I know this sounds horrible, but it's true; and I hate to write something like this here).  
Other certainties are out there as well... books will always be around, e-books will never take their place.  Vinyls will always be here and iTunes could never replace them either (I know because I own both an iPod and a collection of vinyls and they work well together).  There will certainly be people who love their houses and gardens so much they will win awards for them; but then their neighbours may certainly have the garden that is full of weeds and it's overgrown.  There's a certainty that there'll always be crime in our neighbourhoods, cities and countries; and by the time we all grow old, we would have all born witness to some kind of horrible event that affected the world in some way.  And by the time we've all grown old, we have also witness all kinds of gossip from Hollywood, Bollywood, all kinds of weirdness from famous people and when you're old enough to be married and have had children, nothing much really surprises you anymore.
However, having certainties in our world means there's a rhythm in our lives, a routine, a way our world is running... a type of track it's running along. We can't see it, feel it or understand it, but we all know it's there and we are on the same train.  As soon as we were born, we were on this train and - no matter who we are or where we're from - we are all on the same train going to same place.  However, it's a certainty that we're not really sure where that place is.  Well, I don't...

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