Monday, June 21, 2010

The Beginning of Another Week

The weekend was interesting and a little boring at the same time.  But I did enjoy it.

On Friday night, really missed 'Collectors' something bad.  I felt like there was nothing really on until 8:30pm.  So, I concentrated on painting the rest of the pegs on the coffee table (yeah, I'm trying to finish them up and then I'll buy more and do a set or two and see what the art gallery thinks of selling them as a set of 20 for $18).  But one of my favourite series came back on ABC2!  It was 'Being Human'... I love that show; and it hasn't been on for a such a long time either!  And when it advertised for it on ABC1, I just switched over to it until it came on and loved it!  Now, I can't wait until next week!  By 9:30pm, I was watching the last half hour of a repeat of NCIS and then it was a new episode of 'Numbers'.

Saturday was a good day.  I sent off a cylindar of goodies to my lovely niece just before School Holidays too!  So, by the time she sees her Dad again, she'll have mail waiting for her from me.  I included a letter in her own coded language, a couple of bookmarks, two keyrings (one is hand-made by one of my friends with butterflies on it) and a couple of cool rings that don't fit me but I know she'll love.
For the rest of the day, I fiddled around on here, changed the template of two other blogs I have (they're my book blogs) and then I jumped off and played the piano for what was supposed to be an hour, but ended up being 20 minutes.  I just didn't feel up to it.  So, I ended up outside reading for an hour instead; zooming through about 35 pages of 'The Traveller' by John Twelve Hawks.  It was a good afternoon of reading; until it got chilly and I had to go inside.

Sunday had me reading the paper, chatting to my little bird and pretty much doing not too much.  A lot of the pots and pans were washed up in the morning; only to be used again last night.  And then, I played the piano in the afternoon for about an hour; but wanted to play more and more.  There was a thirst in me to play more music and I didn't know why.  I just did.  Then, after a few more exercises, I put all the music away and put the lid of the piano down and went for a walk.
During the walk, I visited a few units to say hi to some people. I was away for about an hour.  It was lovely to talk to some people for once instead of being holed up here at the unit.
Last night, there was Dr Who on television.  The Doctor took Amy to see Vincent Van Gogh in the last few months of his life.  It was a great show; as though it wasn't a Dr Who show at all... and seeing how much I love the artist, I felt as thought I was taken long for the ride as much as Amy was.  Aren't there times where you wish could meet people like that in history and just talk to them?

Anyway, today, I met a new neighbour.  He moved in two doors down and is living in his daughter's unit while she's been transferred by the police department.  He found a job here in Brisbane because there's no jobs in Bundaberg and his friend has done the same thing.  So, they moved in over the weekend.  He called out to me while I was going out to check the mail at the Post Office and we chatted.  They seem nice enough and he said that it's good that this unit complex is so quiet.

Well, it's the beginning of another week.  I've got a few things that are going to toss my usual workings out of kilter for this week.  On Wednesday, I'll be going to the Epilepsy Symposium and so my shopping will have to be done on Thursday.  This means anything I need done at Garden City will have to be done on Friday. 
Next week, all will be back to normal... well as normal as my life gets!  Until my next post, keep warm (or cool) whatever your case may be.

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