Monday, June 28, 2010

It Begins Again!

As the Winter School Holidays have begun, so has my Big Tidy-Up begun again.  Actually, I began it yesterday after I got offline with the washing up of absolutely I could get my hands on in the kitchen.  It felt good to have it all nice, neat and tidy.  Then the cupboards got wiped down and then the stove was attacked by my cloth (and a new sink of hot water too).  Even the fridge got a good wipe-down.  So, by the time I was thinking about dinner, I had a reasonably clean kitchen.  A stir-fry was in order for dinner; and after I finished that, I washed up, put away the left overs and then watched television.

This morning, I was up early at around 7am.  Despite it being freezing cold, I bolted downstairs with my cothes, pulled out the heater, wiped the dust off and plugged it in.  Once it was hot enough, I warmed my clothes up on it and got dressed.  This happens every Winter when it gets this cold as upstairs is just far too cold to get dressed; even if I close the windows up there.
Once that was done and my last bit of medication was taken, I did the hand washing, hung it out and cooked breakfast after feeding Stevie (who wasn't too pleased that I was interrupting her warmth of three covers this morning).  But after I fed her, I placed the covers back over and left her alone until the morning got going a bit more and I had finished breakfast.  
After I had checked the mail, put away all my backpacks, handbags and other kinds of bags, shoes and magazines, I cleared up the lounge and put out some of the rubbish.  Then, I sorted out the washing up and left it on it sink until lunch time; for when I'm going to wash up next, and I
thought to make my coffee drink I normally do to take to upstairs for the morning.  Well, as I pulled the thermos down I used for this, the lid toppled off and landed on an angle on one of my favourite mugs; breaking two big chunks out of the side!  This is a mug I received for my birthday last year from Mum and I was mad about how it broke!  I phoned and told Mum; asking where she got it from and she told me to relax, that she bought it at a chemist and she'd get me another.  This is a lovely mug that holds the heat of tea really well... I do love it very much.  Also because Mum gave it to me.
After we had a chat about things that have happened over the weekend and what she's going to be up to this week, we said our goodbyes.  It was good to talk to her again (even thought I spoke to her only last night).  Anyway, while I was on the phone with her, I changed out Stevie's cage.  It really needed it as the newspaper was covered in poop, feathers and seed husks.  And boy, was there some feathers!  Little Miss Stevie really changed over her coat in a big way!

Well, this afternoon, I'll be washing the kitchen floor, tidying up the kitchen table and taking out the rubbish and recycling too.  I might even mow the lawn for the last time for Winter; before I really get into the garden and repot everything that needs attention.  Until my next post, keep warm (or cool) whatever your case may be.

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