Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Interestingly Nothing Day

I had big plans when I opened my eyes for the fifth time today.  I was  going to attack the kitchen table.  I was going to clean the bathroom and wash the kitchen floor and work hard on tidying up the rest of the lounge room.  Yep, I had a lot of things I wanted to do.  But, the morning was crisp and there was a breeze that kept me wanting to stay in bed snuggled under the feather-down duvet where it was nice and toasty with my teddy bear for another ten minutes; which, of course would turn into another ten minutes very quickly.  
I was up and about before 8:30am with Stevie fed and the front curtains open to the nice, cool morning.  The sun shone through the lace of the window and warmed my little darling bird all day as the temperature didn't go as high as expected with a cold wind keeping me wearing a jumper for a good part of the day.  And yet, I didn't get too far from the computer to do anything all that constructive.
I played the piano for about an hour - actually, I lost track of time with it.  I tried out some new exercises and they weren't much without me doing the first ones on the first page.  Once I got into those, I was fine; and the next page was a lot easier, yet harder.  Luckily I do enjoy a good challenge.  And this time, I didn't hear anybody scream for me to stop playing.
By around 2:40pm, I thought to get my nose into 'The Traveler' by John Twelve Hawks; and so sat out the front of the unit with a drink and my cordless phone and read about 50 pages.  It's hopping along a good pace this book.  I do look forward to what's going to happen next... especially in the next two books.  If they're anything like this one, I'll have to keep an eye out for more of his work.
As the sun sunk below the rooftops, and the wind picked up - cooling me more - I looked around and thought it would be best to close up the curtains for Little Miss Stevie.  So, I packed up my goodies on the curb and went inside.  During my read outside, I had heard a noise and thought it was a carpet cleaning mob somewhere (as noise travels a lot around here).  But once inside, I was pulling the back curtain closed and spotted a man up on the roof of the unit complex next door cleaning the tiles with a massive hose.  So... it's that time of year again!  Roof-cleanin' time!

Well, that was my cold, lazy kinda nothing day.  I'll get in and do more tomorrow and be able to write about it.  I know this sounds boring, but really, it was a lovely day of doing nothing but putting away the sheets in my bedroom.  Until my next post, keep warm (or cool, whatever your case may be).

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