Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Queen's Birthday Weekend

Well, yesterday being a Monday, and the Queen's Birthday, we had a long weekend.  In the USA, it was Flag Day; but I don't know if that was long weekend there.  If it is, well we all won!
I didn't do that much around the place.  Seeing I had worked a lot during the usual days of Saturday and Sunday, I thought a good lazy day would be fun.  But, I found it was easier said than done; and ended up working on the house anyway.  First,though, I bummed around on here for a good while before jumping off and washing up some pots and pans around the kitchen.
The lounge was the next thing to be tidied up.  I threw out any scraps of wool that didn't have a home into a plastic bag.  All empty envelopes went in there too and tissues I found.  Books, folded clothes and towels went into a 'green' bag to be taken upstairs and put away (and that bag filled very quickly); and this also included any folded socks, magazines and booklets advertising Logan City.  I found other things too and tossed them into the 'green' bag.  Now, the lounge is tidier and I have also found all of the remote controls for everything!  Most of the time I'm hunting for them.
The knitting is still being used so I left that where it is and the painting gear on the coffee table is still in use at night; so I left that all where it is too until I finish the rest of the pegs.  But I'm getting there with the downstairs area of my town house.  

However, I haven't neglected upstairs.  Things are being put away when I bring them up to the office or my bedroom; they have to be.  Otherwise, I'm putting up with a little bit of mess until I come to this part of the tidying up.  It's just how I'm working with the house; and it's a lot easier than attacking the place in one big hit and less confusing.  So far, I think I'm going well.

During the afternoon, yesterday, I practiced the piano - as usual - and found the Schmit exercises frustratingly complicated!  But I stuck with them; slowing them down to get them right, and then playing first the right hand then the left and then putting them together again.  Well, it drove me batty... I took a breath and tried it again and succeeded slowly.  Then, I heard somebody scream at the top of their lungs:  'Stop playing that!' at which I paused for a few seconds and kept playing... mainly to get it right for myself, not to drive them nuts (after all I was already driving myself nuts with these exercises).  After about 10 minutes, I packed up the music and decided a walk would do me wonders; just to the front of the unit complex and back home, to clear my head.  Well, my neighbour watched me leave and watched me come home from the front lounge room window... now that's just plain creepy if you ask me.  It also raises my suspicions that it was her that screamed for me to stop playing; which of course I'm not going to.
Until my next post.  Take care and keep warm or cool, whichever the case may be!

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