Friday, June 11, 2010

Winter's Hits Brisbane

Last night, it was a little bit chilly; actually I wouldn't know as I had the house closed up tight!  It wasn't until this morning when I woke to the alarm on my phone that I realised how cold it was.  I took my meds and snuggled down more after 7:30am and didn't want to get out of the toasty warmth of my feather-down duvet.  But my stomach protested and I had to go to the loo as well... bummer!  So, I made the horrible decision to get up and make a mad dash around the bedroom and find something warm to put on... namely my new mad-looking slippers from K-Mart and my warmer-than-warm dressing gown with teddy bears on it (it's pink, but it's warm!).  
After dressing, I had to wake poor Little Miss Stevie and get her food for her and she wasn't about to move from her swing; and frankly, I don't blame her!  She was nice and toasty (and it's almost midday now and I don't think she's budged from her swing to get anything to eat; even though she knows it's there for her).  I made myself a nice hot bowl of porridge after washing up a bit and decided on when to check the mail... when the sun came out to play.
I waited for about an hour... until 9am... and it didn't come out.  And it's almost midday and it's still hiding and the day is still freezing cold!  So, it's going to be one of those days!  I collected the mail dressed in my leather jacket, hat and  gloves with a scarf I bought in Edinburgh (which is made for this kind of weather!) and once home, I was still cold!
So, I'm here on the computer with cold feet (from not moving around) and freezing cold hands (but that's what happens when you're on a computer all the time; your circulation goes on you) and I have to go to the chiropractors this afternoon!  That is not a fun prospect!
This is definitely a time when I would love to change places with Little Miss Stevie.  Being able to stay at home all curled up on my swing in the warmth of the covers that my owner left on my cage is just something I'd love.
So, how did you endure today wherever you are in this world?

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