Saturday, April 30, 2011

April's Something Different!

Well, this month, I've still got the same old dramas to do with next door's plumbing.  But the good thing is that my water hammer is gone.  Dad fixed it and I no longer have to put up with it each time they do something.  So, now, it's a matter of getting my next door neighbours to get their finger out and to fix their side of the problem.  If they don't, I'll talk to the Logan City Council and they'll jump on Body Corporate about it; as it's really beginning to bring my health down.
At the beginning of this month, around 5th, April, I began again on cleaning up and cleaning out my house.  It was raining again and cooled off; so I thought why not!  And I succeeded in throwing out a lot of clothing and tidying up a lot of things around the place.  My bedroom hasn't looked better and now, next to the front door, there's three big bags of clothes I don't need and will give to charity as soon as Mum gets her giveaway stuff ready.  We also have to get rid of stuff in my car port too.

A few days after my clean-up, Mum and I went out to the new Logan Central Library on Wilbur Street (where the old Bi-Lo used to be) and we heard Annette Syms talk about how much weight she lost and how she's kept it off for 18 years.  It was an inspirational speech.  I took my recipe books in to get autographed and she was so happy to find they were the first printing.  I said I was eager to try new recipes to be healthy; and to sneak some low fat food - that didn't taste like that - to my Dad.  She laughed saying that most people want to do that.  
That morning, I had gone out to buy some milk and found a gorgeous car at the service station - and me without my camera!  After all I thought I didn't need it!  So, I raced home and got it (swearing I'd never leave home without my camera again!) and I took some very cool shots of this hot Chevrolet and its owner before he took off.
Also during April, if you happened upon my site, you would have noticed quite a few changes.  First was the blog title.  I had written in 'The Book Craze' as a working title threes years ago and it kinda stuck around for a while.... well, more than a while!... before I changed it to something I'm happy with.  Also, the template and background is something I wanted to change because we're now coming into Autumn here in Australia, I though to get with the season.  
During this month, I caught a rotten cold.  One day, I was okay and walking around feeling a little tired, but good.  The next morning, I opened my eyes and a streaming cold had ambushed me from nowhere!  Had I done something wrong?  Who had sneezed on me on the bloody bus?  Or at the shops?  What happened?  I had this dreadful thing for about a week before the chest-rattling cough forced me to the doctors to have antibiotics prescribed.  It was horrible.  Those things knocked me out like a light; and so when a party went on over my back fence - and kept everyone else awake - I was zonked out under my duvet at midnight when it was getting really loud.  It's been around 3 weeks since the initial cold hit me and I've still got a dry cough nagging at me... stupid thing still isn't completely gone!

The day I went to the doctors a few weeks back was interesting and shocking - but mainly shocking.  I came home to a very bright house; and didn't know why.  Little Miss Stevie was hanging off the front of the cage and looking out the back and I followed what she was looking at and found that I could see my back neighours' house.  After unlocking my back door, I stood there in absolute shock to find that the tall trees that were in their back yard had been all cut down, stumps ground out and poisoned.  Their yard looked like a desert; and they hadn't even been told.  We were both shocked; and they told me that the landlord wanted to sell the unit... unlikely seeing how little privacy it has.
Over the Easter/ANZAC Day long Weekend, it turned wet.  Rain was the main dominant thing that happened and dampened our spirits for those days that were supposed to be fun.  So, I got into some serious writing of my Fry Nelson: Book 3 (not yet put up on the blog as it's yet to be looked at properly) and I started on my self-portrait again... after it sat next to my back door staring outside for only the Gods know how long!  It looks good now... I'm really happy with it.  And seeing I used music to get myself working on it - and I must thank the Red Hot Chili Peppers somehow on inspiring me - I really must use music for my other works of art next time I need a kick in the arty pants to work on paintings.  And all Little Miss Stevie did on the Easter Weekend was snooze on her swing under her toasty covers... and do you blame her?  It was quite chilly and wet. 
ANZAC Day didn't work out the way we planned it.  We were hoping to get up for a Dawn Service, but it was pouring rain for it.  So, we thought an 8am service would be great; but when Dad walked up to the park, they were packing up to leave at that time.  And so, there went our chance to be in on the action of commemorating the ANZAC's... damn... we missed them all!  Oh well, I was wearing last year's badge (as I hadn't seen anyone selling any at the usual shopping centres around my area) and I uploaded a nice photo of it on 365 Project and I got plenty of people commenting on it too.  Even though I missed out on the main ceremonies of the day, I didn't miss out on remembering the diggers who have made this country free.
Over the long weekend, my brother, Gabe, went to the Blues & Roots Blues Festival at Byron Bay.  Before taking off there, he dropped by my place to give me his old television.  It was a fully imported from the UK, 80 cm television... a sweet piece that I would have loved and he was willing to hand in my direction for nothing and take my television off my hands to give to Dad to work with.  But... the darn thing wouldn't fit my cabinet by millimetres on either side... what a bummer!  I hated it that it wouldn't fit; was downright disappointed as it would have been a great upgrade from my old one and not cost me a cent.  Gabe was really mad about it and didn't want to give up; yet if we had pushed the cabinet, it would have broken it.  Well, he ended up taking it back home to sell it with its stand; which means it would be worth more.
During the last few months, the world has been going through Royal Wedding Craziness.  I never really like it when it happens; it means all the television stations bombard us with crap about the 'loving couple' and the wedding and all the rest in between.  Not that I'm not a romantic, but really it does get a little too much for some.  However, I haven't liked the Royal Family since Diana and Dodi passed away in 1997; and haven't really trusted them either.  So, I didn't watch the wedding.  It's in no reflection to Harry or William - their mother would have been absolutely proud of who they have turned out to be - it's the Royal Family who bother me.
So... that's what I did this month!  It doesn't seem much... but it somehow is.  So, what did you do?  More of the same; or something different?  Let us know.

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