Sunday, April 3, 2011

Long, Tiring Weekend

I'm very tired today; and for a good reason.  Yesterday, my next door neighbours began their laundry at the ungodly hour of 5am!  These are the same people who have been keeping me awake until late with water hammer and not getting anything fixed while it destroys my house.  I have told my landlord and Body Corporate knows about it, and yet nothing is done to make them change their plumbing back to what it was.
I have been told a few things about these people.  They are from a plumbing background.  I have been told they owned a plumbing shop and sold it... that's nice, but really they should have gotten a plumber in to work on the place and not undertaken this thing themselves.  They did work that was supposed to be passed by the Body Corporate committee and wasn't; and yet they keep on saying it's their house and they should be able to do what they want there.  Which they can, unless it interferes with the next door neighbour or surrounding neighbours.
Then, I'm told today, that my neighbour has been known to say that there shouldn't be any rental people in this unit complex at all; it should be all owners, no matter how long you've been here, you should own the place and kick out the rentals.  And seeing I rent, she thinks she's above me and so won't go to the rules and regulations to make my life easier.  This is why she ordered me to leave last November if I didn't like living here... ahem... but I have been living in this unit complex since 2002.  And she's been where all that time????  She and her husband moved in at this time last year and thinks she can push and shove everyone around like we're cattle, telling us what to do.  Then, she's the noisiest person around here, slamming her doors, having tantrums, screaming at her husband (about things we don't want to know) and tearing around here in that god-awful loud car at all hours of the night breaking the speed limit in here.  And if she hits somebody in here, what then?  If it's a child, all hell will break loose because they're so young.  But if she hits an adult, it's going to be war.

Before these people moved in next door, it was very peaceful.  Not much went on.  Now, because she moved in, there's one drama after another; one fight after another happening in here all the time.  Personally, I don't want them here.  They are a hateful, dreadful and downright distrustful couple who just invaded here and didn't think to mix in with anyone.  Her plan was to make us go to her plans and rules; when in reality, she has to melt in with the rest of the community when it comes to unit complexes.  Her wrath of pain and childish behaviour is coming to an end very soon as Body Corporate isn't going to put up with her; and I'm not going to try to talk to her again (as last November had me yelling at her at 5am in the morning; not a good look for me).  So, what will happen?  I'll keep you all posted as things develop.

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