Friday, February 3, 2012

Been Given The Slip

Today, I was off to Garden City to do three things:  pick up a new battery for my camera to keep the date-stamp working, an index book and to buy a half-slip.  Sounds simple-enough doesn't it?  Well, I found the first two things easily; and paid for them cheaply enough - both being under $10.  However, I had a hell of a time finding a half-slip around Garden City.  Finding one of these things was like trying to find a Hen's Tooth; that's how rare they're becoming to find and buy now.
My first stop was Best & Less - where I thought I'd find one, but I didn't.  The young lady who helped me lamented with me, saying she understood my dilemma and said that there were people asking for the ones I was after up to ten time a day.  She'd order them in but they never arrived.  However, she did say to try out Big W, Bras & Things or - if I was really desperate - David Jones.  
I went in search of my illusive half-slip to Big W next and couldn't find one.  So, I found myself standing outside Bras & Things.  This shop spooks me to no end.  It's a store full of knickers, bras and naughty nighties... something I have always found daunting to look at in such a large number, but I took a deep breath and went inside.  After looking around the place quickly, I asked if they stocked my item and they said they didn't and to try out David Jones... actually, they were positive that D.J's had it and that store was the only place that would.
So, I walked into the large department store, found the women's section and walked around their underwear section looking for my half-slip that seemed to have gotten away from me.  Truthfully, I was beginning to forget what these stupid things looked like... until I came upon a beige one and looked behind it and found the black one I was searching for.  Ah-ha!  I found a medium-sized and checked the price:  $39.99???  Oh, my God!  Well, there went my budget for the day... my coffee at Gloria Jeans too.  Oh well, a coffee made at home is just as lovely and a hell of a lot cheaper too.  I walked to the counter and paid for my one half-slip and told the lady dressed in the uniform black that I had searched the whole of Garden City and David Jones was the only place that stocked half-slips.  She was shocked, telling me that the ones that were hanging over there where I had gotten mine had been there for three months and haven't moved!  Wow!  I told her that Best & Less had been trying to get them in for the last three months and they haven't been able to get any; now this surprised her
Well, I arrived home with my half-slip in a little David Jones bag (maybe my first and only purchase of underwear from that department store in around twenty years I've made... since I went off to New Zealand) and looked at that lovely slip.  I had spent almost two hours looking for this?  Now I know where to get the stupid things, I won't be going anywhere else for them.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember I'm always here.

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