Sunday, February 26, 2012

Organising My House

Over the last few weeks, I've been doing a fair bit of cleaning out.  However, organising is also a part of cleaning, don't you think?  I spent a good part of my mostly wet weekend organising my house.
Friday was a wet old day and I thought to get in and wash up everything in the kitchen and do a load of laundry; hanging it on the clothes horse next to the piano.  However, the day turned cold and the rain was heavy, so the house stayed closed for a good part of the day.  I also spent a good few hours on the internet stuffing around until I turned it off and decided to pull out some art books and organise them.
I had gotten these off my late-Grandma's cousin, Shirley, in the last year or so when she and her husband moved into a retirement village and they couldn't take them with them.  They knew I was into the arts; and these were the first type of how-to books you could buy from the newsagents.  There's seven folders with about ten or twelve magazines in each.  Pretty nice folders too.  I just had make sure the magazines were in numerical order and the numbers on the folders were right and clearly marked.  This didn't take very long.
Then,I looked next to where I kept them and found three old books, which to pulled out and took upstairs to store in my bookshelves.  And next to those, I found some other books about World Expo '88 and other folders and art books - really old ones - that will come in handy too.  I put them back where I found them and began cleaning up the kitchen table.
Now, on there, I had dumped a Gardening Journal along with two other gardening books that I use on a regular basis.  This year - as you know - I'm going to do up my garden and make it look and feel like a place I can escape to.  It'll be something I can move too when the time comes when I need to (when that'll be, I'm not sure).  But I'm hoping this garden will probably take about a year or two to accomplish; and I'll keep you all posted with its progress too!  Anyway, worked with the yard between the heavier showers of rain and began moving things around looking at the yard more as how it'll look as a finished product than how it looks now; and you know, I like it!
Once all that was done, and the rain really settled in, I changed into my painting clothes and looked at the self-portrait I needed to work on.  It needed some Sacred Lotus' at the bottom, however, wanting them there and drawing them on were two different things.  I tried tracing them on; but it didn't work.   So, I just drew a few of my 5-petal flowers there and they worked a treat!  It looks great!  And the colours work really well with the other colours I've chosen for this painting; very bold and beautiful.  
Today, I was online after I read the paper a little and ate breakfast and got the house opened up.  Yep!  The day had turned out to be nice, sunny and hot, so why not let the breeze through and air the place a bit?  I stuffed around online for a bit when Mum called me and told me that Dr Bloomer - our family GP - had passed away last month.  It was a shock as I hadn't heard anything about him for a long time; and yet he had known me for as long as I could remember.  It's sad that his wife hadn't called us after we had known him for such a long time and Mum and Dad still lived down the road.
Anyway, after that sad news, I went downstairs and cleaned all the walls with sugar soap where it was grotty.  The front and garage door were scrubbed down too.  The place looks good, but I do have to clean the stair well and upstairs rooms as well now; and they'll be done tomorrow, just to keep the place clean.
Then, Little Miss Stevie's newspaper was all changed over - much to her disgust - and I gave her some fresh grass seed from the back yard!  Boy! Did she love that!  I grabbed as much as I could and she ate the lot!  What a great way to spoil my little budgie!   Well!  Did she sing and blow kisses all day or what?
This afternoon zoomed around faster than I realised and before I knew it, it was 4pm.  I closed up the curtains and made myself some cheese and biscuits with some grapes and sat down to get some of the scrap scarf done while watching some reruns of 1980's sitcoms.  It's always great to watch old shows we used to watch; it shows where the television networks went right - and sometimes wrong.  Well until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here. 

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  1. would like to view the World Expo '88 book/s. Could you possibly scan the pages and forward to them via email? I am planning on creating a scrap album about the Expo.