Friday, February 24, 2012


It's late - a half hour away from midnight - and I'm hearing the rain pour from the darkened Logan skies as I sit here in the silence of my unit complex.  Today, it rained all day, as it did yesterday and last night.  I have put it down to me planning out a new garden for my courtyard; what do you think?  
You see, whenever I do something out of character, it begins to rain or a storm hits and I have to wait until it's all over to get in and do anything about my plans.  Or I forget and it all clears up.  And then, once I remember again, well, it starts raining again.  Does this ever happen to you?
Funnier still, I have had times where I've gone on holidays and asked neighbours to water my garden.  When I've come back, they turned to me and said that all it did was rain the whole time.  It seemed I took the sunshine with me on my holiday to the coast; funny and true.  I took off to Brunswick Heads - where it was pouring rain at the time - and from the time I arrived to the time I left, it stopped raining and was sunny the whole time.  When I returned home, the sun returned with me.  It was amazing and weird.
But now, I want to make some seriously big changes in my garden and the rain is making it difficult.  So, I'm catching up with a few other things around the place; like unravelling some knitting I did two years ago.  I balled up that yarn and am going to use it all in my scrap scarf.  I have also caught up on my self-portrait; which is going really well.  This afternoon, I jumped in and did the purple background and my hair very quickly.  Now, I have to draw in the lotus flowers that I'll be sitting on with the little leaves.  Just have to make them all different shades of pink and rose; and it'll look great!  Then, I'll work on the detail work of the whole thing over the next month and it'll be ready.  I hate to rush my paintings.
I'm also catching up on reading.  There's a few books I'm currently getting my nose into right now.  'Oryx and Crake' by Margaret Atwood is a good one that I've had for a week and I've read almost 100 pages and I'm still interested in it.  Then, there's Stephen King's tome of a book '11-22-63' that I'm still struggling with; but the writing in it is amazing!  So, I'm reading bits and pieces of it once in a while and can still catch onto what's going on.
Otherwise, there's cleaning to do around the house; normally just washing up, sorting out the bills and putting out the house hold rubbish to keep myself from going batty.  I just hope this rain goes away soon so I can get to the Smart Tip soon and pick up something really good for the garden... maybe an old gate to use as a frame for some Jasmine; now that'd be nice wouldn't it?  Well, until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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