Monday, February 20, 2012

Busy, Big Weekend!

My, my... what a busy weekend I have had!  And when I found my way home, it just seemed to keep on going!  My weekend didn't start on the usual Saturday morning in my bed.  No, it began on Friday afternoon.
I bussed it to Garden City at around midday on Friday as I had a few things to pick up and meet Geoff outside the library there by 1pm.  I took my time and wandered around the place and found myself right where I needed to be at the right time.  
He arrived and we walked to the other end of the shopping complex to find the car and pick up Vivienne who was out at Sunnybank at a lunch.  It didn't take long to get there and pick her up; however she wasn't feeling all that great as she had eaten a fatty lunch and they had been on a healthy diet for a while.  This kind of thing wasn't good for her.
Once back at their place, and settled in, I checked my e-mail for the first time in about four days and had to clean out my accounts of junk mail and other things I didn't need, do some communication with some friends on Facebook and other forums I'm normally on and found that the guy from Optus had arrived to fix my phone line.  He kept on asking if I was home; and I kept saying I wasn't.
After this, Geoff and I went out to look at some parks and places to use as backdrops for our paintings.  I took along my camera and we photographed the areas well while we had the good light; and I also posed on some rocks and while the ideas were there with us.  We soon headed off back to their place to make dinner and upload our photos and think about other poses I could do that night for the main paintings.  Both of us found that one of the half-lotus poses was our favourite... and so we're both painting it.  How's that for funny.  But as all artist's know, it's all in the interpretation.
By this time, we had eaten dinner and helped Vivienne edit her cover letter to a job she was applying for with the Royal Brisbane Hospital.  And by the time we were finished with it, it sounded great and she sent it off with her application; so all she needed to do was kick back with a few glasses of red and a movie.
The next morning, I was woken by a Magpie outside my window warbling at a morning shower.  It was nice to see him hanging out in a tree swaying back and forth... very nice.  But the funny part was that he kept on overbalancing and nearly falling out because he was big and fat!   I had had a weird dream and so for about forty-five minutes, I sat there in bed writing it in a notebook as I woke up fully.  
By around 8am, I was dressed, packed and ready to leave the house.  All I needed to do was eat breakfast. Geoff was just sitting down to a wholemeal English muffin and I pulled the rolled oats out of the cupboard when Vivienne came downstairs not looking so good.  She had been feeling awful all morning and now she was very sick and couldn't keep anything down.  So, I began making breakfast.  Geoff ended up taking her to the doctors by the time I had finished breakfast and was online for a few minutes.  But he hadn't been gone for ten minutes when his phone rang and Viv said she needed him to pick her up and bring her home.
Well, long story short, Geoff picked me up, took me to the Gallery for our shift, explained what happened with Vivienne and ended up staying home with her.  Poor Viv had an anxiety attack later that afternoon and was taken to hospital where she was cared for there.  She had had such a stressful week and such a fatty lunch and a very late night that it all caught up with her.  This could have happened to anyone; and it's happened to me many times over my life.  I've learned to live with my anxiety over time and it's hard to live with it.  However, it takes time to live with; and facing your demons takes time too.
Anyway, once home from the Gallery, I was so very tired.  I looked around, made myself something plain to eat and watched a few things on television and went to bed by 9:30pm.  Even though I didn't sleep until around 11pm - just laid there in the dark resting - I felt good yesterday.  
I got a lot done yesterday.  I read the paper, did three loads of washing, caught up with a lot online, wrote in my offline journal and did some knitting.  And this morning, I got done a fair bit more than I did last week.  I called all the doctors I was supposed to last week, washed all the towels in the house, did the hand-washing, put out the recyclables, checked the mail at the Post Office, fed the pets, put away the dirty laundry basket and my shopping trolley (with all my shopping bags in it) and then, I checked on what I had to do on my new painting.  It's looking pretty good.
So, there you have it... my busy, big weekend!  It was busy and big... and I can't believe it was only two days long!  So much happened. Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here. 

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