Thursday, February 23, 2012

Garden Review

At the beginning of this year, I pulled my potted plants into the car port and did a major clean up of the yard.  I'm pleased I did this because it gave me a chance to look around and realise that my garden really needed a big change, a big turnaround to make it look better.  It's looked the same for the last three years; and this is not good.  
So, last week, I did some modeling and the money I was paid for that has been put away to start saving for a facelift of my garden.  However, the first thing I did was buy a new Garden Journal.  I've been looking for one of these for a while now, and found a good one at 'The Book Warehouse' at Springwood for $4.95.  It's hardcover, sectioned off and covers kitchen gardens, potted plants, plants that love neglect, smalls gardens and other areas of the garden.  And the best thing is that there is plenty of blank pages for me to fill in for when I've bought a plant and want to keep a history of it.  It's a great book!  What I've noticed is that in each section, where the title page is, there's a good thick pocket where I can put newspaper clippings, seed packets, dockets or anything else I have kept for gardening.  So, there's no bits and pieces being stapled to the book, it's all inside it, in each section, nicely and neatly held together by an elastic band.  How good is that?
Now, for my garden.  I have $30 so far - untouched - and so what I'm going to do is put my change from each shopping day in my change jar and save up big to get some plants, pots and soil from Bunnings and spend a weekend enjoying my garden... getting it right.  And then sitting back and watching it settle.  And seeing we don't have a crazy neighbour running around the place telling people what they can and can't do right now, I think this year is a good year to begin working on my little bit of privacy; bit by lovely bit.  I'm going to get it looking and feeling very nice and pretty.  It will be every bit my place to escape to by the time I've finished with it as well.  
I love statues and wall hangings in gardens as well as water features.  So, what I'm hoping to do is find all kinds of different things to make my garden as creatively beautiful as possible.  A trip to the Smart Tip may not be out of the question at some point next year to see what I can find there to use as pots.  even if I find an ornate, rusted gate gate, it'll still get used against the fence as something for a plant to climb (as I love things like climbing roses or Jasmine).  
However, this is all just me thinking about what could be in the way of how my garden looks in my mind.  I want it to look a particular way and so, to have it looking like this, I have to work on my yard little by little.  When I have the money, I'll go and get what I'd like in my yard and plant it, so it's there looking great.  Well, wish me luck with my garden - and yes, I'll keep you updated with any improvements I make on it with photos and post entries as time goes on.  I just hope the fences around here get fixed up while my garden does too.  Now, that'd be a great thing!  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Good luck with your gardening project! I am sure it will be great when it's finished as you have a better green thumb then I do.

  2. I'm in the planning mode right now with putting away money organising what will go where.. I hope it turns out good. :D