Friday, February 17, 2012

A Week of Silence

I've been quite silent this week; and there's been a good reason for it.  Telstra cut my phone lines and then didn't fix them; expecting somebody else to fix them... namely my provider, Optus. 
This week has been the longest and most boring weeks of my life.  It reminded me of what my life was like without the net... and I tell ya, it was very quiet and I found, very boring.  I didn't talk to anyone, make any phone calls or visit anyone (well after Monday and Tuesday's distaters, I didn't want to go and be at my folks' house again).  Anyway, I cleaned out my the green bags in my spare room, worked on my wardrobe and then I worked on my lounge room.  I put up some hooks around the place and hung up my Peace Flags around the lounge room window and cleaned up a box I found in my spare room and painted it up and put in stuff from the coffee table, it all looks very neat and tidy.
Then, I had to go shopping and I got Mum to put money across into my key-card account.  I found that I got everything I needed and still had money left over.  It was good that when I got home, the shopping was put away quickly and I felt bored straight away.
After about a day or so, I ended up putting up with no internet and finding that I was editing my books and stories and working on my autobiography.  It's been a good week to work on my computer without the internet.  However, I really am looking forward to being back at home and working on my computer again and on the net.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm, and remember I'm always here - well most times.

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