Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Busy Week of Doctors

This week, I finally got in and did what I was supposed to get done from last week.  On Monday, I called up my GP and made an appointment with Dr. Kent Fu for Tuesday, called my dentist and made an appointment for today and cancelled Little Miss Stevie's vet appointment as I couldn't afford $100.00 or so to have her looked at.
With all that done, I thought my Monday was to myself.  I stuck around on the net, put away the shopping trolley, did the hand-washing and all the towels around the house and then decided to spend around 2 hours on the self-portrait that's sitting on the easel downstairs that afternoon.  At around 2:30pm, I received a phone call and it was the lady from CRS asking me if I had forgotten the appointment we had... and you know, I had!  So, we rescheduled for Wednesday afternoon, before my dentist appointment, and I wrote it into my day diary.
Well, Tuesday came around and I was off to the doctor's with my scans and health book to talk to Dr. Kent Fu.  He specialises in Women's Health; and when he looked at my book and the scans, he agreed that what occurred in November must never happen again and asked who I'd like to go and see.  I asked for Dr. Stephen Cook; and he agreed saying that he could find one over at Sunnybank.  However, when he looked on my records, he realised I had been to the lady (and I told him that Mum and I were not treated well there).  So, he wrote out the referral and got me to have a blood test for my hormone levels so I was ready for the appointment.  I went and got the blood works done, and then went home and made the appointment.  I will be seeing Dr. Cook in early May.
Today, I was off again to see another doctor.  This time, it was about my mouth; a particular tooth in question.  Peter Caswell is my dentist and he knew exactly which one I was there for.  He took an X-Ray and saw that I have no cavities but this tooth was next to a molar that was removed and it's known as a Virgin Tooth; which is a tooth that has no decay or fillings.  This tooth has always been in my mouth like this and the molar behind it was removed however the gum around it has receded and so it's become very sensitive over time; and once in a while it'll give me hell when I eat cold things.  Not great!  
Well, I'm grateful that I didn't have any fillings, but I'm also grateful that this tooth didn't anything major wrong with it either.  So, there was the last two days of doctors and problems.  Onward and upward... the next two days of this week are free for me to continue cleaning out the house and tidying up.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Which vet surgery do you take your bird to? $100 to see a vet for a consultation check up is a rip off in my books.

  2. I take Little Miss Stevie to Green Cross Vets at Mt Gravatt. They specialise in all birds of all types and I haven't been able to find any other vet who will take Stevie; so I take her there when I can afford it.