Sunday, February 12, 2012

Being Brutally Honest

Have you ever looked around your house and thought that it was time to really get in and do a good, brutally honest toss-out?  Well, as a lot of you who have been following me for a while now know I have been cleaning out my house for a while.  And now, I'm up to a stage where I'm about to attack the wardrobes.  Yep, I've begun going through my clothes and tossing out what I don't need, doesn't fit me and letting it go to the charity bins.
Yesterday was the day it all began.  I opened the wardrobe where my skirts, shirts and jeans lived and I pulled it all out, dumped them onto the bed and checked the sizes.  Anything that wasn't a size 12 went into the charity garbage bag; and there was a lot that didn't fit me.  There were some jeans that looked like it did, but then, when I tried them on, they didn't (I had to make sure they weren't a large fit).  

Yes, that's a Sherryn Footy you can see in the centre.  I'm an AFL fan. :)
While I was putting my clothes away, I also sorted through my vintage t-shirts and thought it would do them a world of good to put them through the wash today.  And on the way through sorting them, I found a t-shirt I thought I had binned years ago.  It was my Pride Fair Day T-shirt from 2000.  Why I hadn't tossed it out is beyond me, and I didn't think twice about throwing it out, it just went straight into the charity bag unwashed and unfolded.  This is a win for me to throw out something from my past as I no longer have any connection to it - and fortunately - don't feel guilt in throwing it out.  
After around forty-five minutes, I had replaced the draw-lining, put all the jeans and shorts back.  The Winter t-shirts were in the wardrobe along with the skirts.  My Summer shirts were in the duchess and most of the laundry was put away.  I had a rubbish bag full of clothes to give away, the bath towels to fold and put away and I was done.  I was very pleased with myself; as this wasn't the only thing I had gotten done yesterday.
I had also vacuumed the bathroom floor and scrubbed the shower cubicle within an inch of its life.  That was a good part of an hour before I attacked my wardrobe.
However, today, I'm hoping to sort through all my hanging space in the other two-door wardrobe.  I have far too many dressing gowns; with about eight of them in there, I only need three really.  So, I'm going to look at them and keep the ones I want and give away the others after washing them.  Then, it'll be time to go through all my other clothes and jackets.  Now, that's going to be painful!  I do love my jackets; they all serve a purpose.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember I'm always here. 


  1. They say if you don't wear or use it within 12 months, it is time to recycle it to other sources.

  2. How true that is... so far, I've filled two large rubbish bags with clothes and put aside a dress and two jackets that my niece might like (as we're almost the same size!). So, Endoes here we come! :D