Monday, February 6, 2012

Busy, Relaxed Weekend

This weekend was an unusual one.  I had a lot to do, and yet it ended with me coming home late from Brisbane City in the afternoon on Sunday.  
On Saturday, I had Mum and Dad over for afternoon tea, however, I had to begin cleaning my house up on Friday night to get it nice and tidy for that occasion.  Fortunately, 'The Sound of Music' was on the television and there were some classic music on there to work to.  I got in and washed up, cleaned up the lounge room, put away the knitting, took the laundry upstairs and cleaned down the kitchen table and then washed all the floors before closing up the house and going upstairs to hang out on the net for a while and going to bed.
On Saturday, I vacuumed the downstairs, put out the rubbish, swept the floors, cleaned up the corners of the kitchen, dusted and bought Dad a Birthday pressie and a card.  Now, normally, I just get him a card, but this time I though a little pressie would be good.  I got all this fixed up in two hours as I was online until around midday or so and Mum and Dad were here by around 4pm.  I had made up a platter of food and some plunger coffee and ice tea (which I had organised the night before) and we sat down and ate and chatted.  Dad loved the coffee and nibbles, read last Sunday's paper and asked if I could play a bit of the piano for him.  I did but I have been out of practice lately; and so made a few mistakes.  Mum took some photos of me playing; which made me a more nervous and I made more mistakes (isn't that always the way?).  Then, we were out in my yard and looking around.  Dad tightened up my clothes line with two shifting spanners I had bought so it wouldn't move and Mum sat in the shade under my kitchen window and perused my yard that had grown since mid-January.  They had a lovely time looking around the place and weren't impressed with the condition of the fences; but then nobody is.  Before long, they had to go home and it was almost time for me to cook dinner.
On Sunday, I was off to New Farm Park to attend a Sunday Meditation which is held once a month with a group I'm beginning to go to.  Even though it was Dad's birthday, I really didn't want to miss this; and this was the reason why i had Mum and Dad over on Saturday for afternoon tea, to spend time with them for Dad's birthday.  They dropped me off at the ferry terminal (and Dad had never driven all the way down there, so I had to give him directions; and he was impressed that there was a round-a-bout there to get out).  And I did the silly thing and walked straight past Will and to the tree we were at last time.  So, I got out my mobile and called him and asked where he was and we ended up spotting each other across the park... really funny.
One by one, we all showed up and we were going to go to the big gazebo but decided to use one of the trees instead.  This time, we nabbed ourselves a picnic table; and there was so much food we could barely fit it all on there!  Packets of chips were ripped open, home-made cakes were brought along, dips, crackers and other great food was put out for everyone to eat.  We chatted and talked and brought out our crystals and meditated in small groups, talked about different things such as dreams and unusual occurrences and other things we don't dare talk to our families about.  This is a place - people - who have experienced things that others dismiss as an over-active imagination whereas these people don't.  I had one lady - Deb - look at my dream journals and she helped me greatly into what they mainly covered.  The one thing she was amazed at was that they were so detailed; that I remembered so much so easily and quickly; and she said that was a good thing.
Then, we got in and did our group meditation.  Deb led the Tree and Earth meditation.  It was a great one, going for around twenty minutes which just flew by!  Then, we all sat around and talked about what each of us got out of it.  I enjoyed the feeling of togetherness it brought with a group of twenty strangers and friends.  This was my first time at a large group meditation and it won't be my last.  next time, I'll have to take along some of my crystals; in particular my Rose Quartz.  
Geoff and Vivienne had to leave and were off soon after the meditation, but I stuck around for another hour or so chatting with people, watching people practice yoga moves and helping Will show people how to get the moves right.  I walked over to three of the guys who were trying out The Hero pose - and not getting it right - with Will and he said that I'd be able to do it and asked me to show them.  I took off my sandals and showed them all; with them all cringing as got onto the ground and easily did The Hero pose on the ground.  Then, I made the guys cringe more as I transformed that pose into The Child pose... with all of them saying they couldn't get their backsides down properly.  I said it's all to do with practice and getting their stretches down pat,and they agreed.  I really gotta get back into my yoga more; it's something that I'm not that flexible with right now, but it's good to know it.  
Before long, it was 4:30pm and I had a City Cat to catch.  I said my goodbyes, received three hugs (a big one from Will) and ran off to the ferry terminal and caught it to the Riverside Centre then walked up to Lower Edward Street to catch the 555 to Springwood.  It was about 100 metres to Mum and Dad's house where I could kick off my shoes and relax a little.  After such a long day, my feet were killing me as I hadn't had any arch support in my shoes; but it was a nice relaxing day.  Such a pity I got sunburnt... I did use sunscreen, but them's the breaks I guess.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here. 

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