Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Since the beginning of the year, I've noticed a lot of things going on, a lot of changes happening and plenty of unusual occurrences.  It's the Year of the Dragon and it's also the year the Mayan Calendar finishes; thus meaning many things - spiritual and otherwise - are going to either come to an end, begin or reborn themselves in some way or another.  
I've met a wonderful man and we both like each other immensely.  However, as we've gotten to know each other, we have admitted that we don't wish to have a relationship this year as it doesn't feel right; and we don't want to hurt each other.  I know this sounds really strange and unlike me, but we both have this feeling we should both wait until next year.  And so, we are.  I suggested to him that we should get to know each other as friends this year and work on being as close as we can as human beings instead of being lovers; and he loved that idea.  This means we'll find out a lot more about ourselves as well as each other in twelve months than most people.  How cool is that?
Another thing I've been noticing is that I've been finding things around my house that I've 'put in a safe place for future reference'.  I'll tear the house apart looking for one thing and find another that I have looked for before and it'll just show up, with me needing it right now.  It's amazing.  A few years back, I was in a pagan shop and I bought a hard leather pouch for no real reason.  And - seeing I didn't know why I had it - I put it away and left it in with my other magic gear until last month when I pulled it out and looked at it; knowing it was this year I had to use it.  I also found a Smoky Quartz that I bought about five years ago and put away for the same reason... just to keep it safe... and once I found it, I knew exactly why I put it away.  It was because it wasn't time to use it yet.  Now, I'm finding things all over my house that I've stored in boxes and drawers where I'm suddenly in great need of them; like my Tibetan Singing Bell which has been sitting on the window sill of my computer room - behind the tower of my computer - for the last eight years.  I picked it up on Monday, went outside and made it sing for no real reason.  The whole neighbourhood went quiet for a full ten minutes!  I was amazed.  However, the moment I put it back on the kitchen table, everyone outside my back door started up fighting again like they were before.
Another change I've been noticing lately is of where I live here in Logan City; of a name change.  Now, this is something that has been bounced around for a while now.  Every few years, the politicians get this weird idea of changing Logan City's name to something else, can't think of anything and then drop the subject.  This year, they're on this soapbox more than ever.  They really want this change and I'm really wondering if it's the right thing to do.  I mean, Inala nearly had a name change because it was a crap suburb of Brisbane, and once they figured out why it didn't have a good reputation, it turned out okay.  However, Logan City is much bigger than Inala and it's got this horrible reputation where nobody will even mention the City's name on the news (oh, yes, don't you love it when the anchorpeople say:  '...and there was a fatal stabbing, (mumbles) south of Brisbane...' and you wait until the report comes up with Slacks Creek, Woodridge or Kingston when all they have to say at the beginning was Logan City.  What?  Are they terrified that we're going to come knocking on their doors or something?).  So, why change the name of Logan City when it's the reputation of this placed that needs changing, not the name.  And people wouldn't be calling it Bogan Logan - or any other such name - if some famous Bogan hadn't said it first; pointing out the elephant in the room.  Weird but true.
So, what changes have you noticed - spiritual or otherwise - have you noticed going on around you in this world this year so far?  Or haven't you noticed anything at all?  For me, they have been pretty big and obvious.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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