Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bookcrossing Meet Up

Well, this morning was a lovely surprise of warmth and sun; as last night was quite chilly and when the sun went down, the skies had scudded over with cloud.  I was up early and showered before breakfast readying myself to meet up with some Bookcrossers in the foyar of the Mantra hotel.  Mum was eager to meet them as well; and we were there on time with our books and cameras.
We ended up at a bakery-cross-cafe on the Espanade and spent a few good hours chatting and swapping books with each other; and I gotta say, there was a great selection between us all!  I chose a couple of Nicholas Sparks books and one book on The Big Bang Theory put into simpler terms for anyone who doesn't have a physics degree to understand and who really does want to.  Then, I picked up a John Irving one too and another of short stories.  Mum picked up two books she's interested in as well.
After we parted ways, Mum and I had to find a post office to send off some postcards and found the closest one was quite a walk away; down to Brisbane street and along it a bit.  And if that was a bit of a hike, we had to quickly get back to our hotel room to use a loo; as any toilet we wanted to use was either being fixed, cleaned or was a customers only place where you needed a card or key. Pretty useless if you need a toilet and you haven't been using a cafe or restaurant's facilities; and the 'Loo With A View' is out of order (like it was today for us; it was being fixed up).
I photographed some very cool outsider art of a control box and a glass ceiling with a very cool pattern on that covers the whole Esplanade footpath.  Very pretty once the sun hits it; as it leaves patterns on the ground.  However, I found no statues anywhere that were classed as outsider art here.  It's a very upper-class area; and very much made for the tourists in mind.  I do enjoy the fun of being the tourist and today has been fun; however I did find it hard to get to sleep last night until all the lights were turned off.  
Tonight, we are going out to my Aunt and Uncle's house to have dinner at Pelican Waters.  It ought to be lovely.  I'm looking forward to it.  Then, tomorrow, we're hoping to go to the Eumundi Markets where I'll probaby pick up something small for myself as a reminder of my trip.

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