Saturday, May 22, 2010

Home Again!

Mum and I had a fun and long trip home.  I was navigator
again; which meant we were going all the way out of our way to see one thing... but we ended up seeing other things along the way too.
First off, we wanted to see Mt Tibrogargan up in the Glass House Mountains National Park.  You can actually pull up at the side of the road and take a photo of the massive thing!  It looks like a crouching gorilla (or man, depending on your perspective); and it's an extinct volcanic mountain... and what a mountain!  We drove around the scenic route behind it before we found the road the led us to the front of him/it.  And Mum got some lovely shots of it.  But we had to be careful as there was a massive nest of angry green ants running around that the people before us had walked all over.
On the way there, we drove to Beerwah where had morning tea of the most delicious coffees in our lives!  My caffe Latte wasn't too hot and came in a large white mug and was just to die for!  And the Hedgehog they served was a little hard, but it was very morish.  Mum had a coffee where she was hoping to get more out of it; but felt it was too small.  This little town was lovely and quiet and looked like a piece of Rochedale South had been plucked up and placed in the middle of nowhere! 
On the way to Beerwah, we passed the Ettamogah Pub.  This place is very famous in this part of the world and I've never seen it until today.  So, when we happened to pass it, Mum pulled over and we both got photos of it.  What a pub... but it's more of a theme park now and not just a place to eat... with a ferris wheel and other attractions behind and around it.  Kind of takes away from the feel of the place if you ask me.
Also on the way to Beerwah was 'Australia Zoo'.  Mum has always wanted to go there; but I've never been interested.  I just never liked Steve Irwin or how he treated animals.  I know it's all about conservation and keeping animals safe; but it's how he did it that bothered me.  I felt as though he was teasing them all the time.
We found our way back onto the Bruce Highway and then finally onto the M1 and we started seeing familiar signs everywhere as we headed towards the Gateway Arterial and the New Gateway Bridge.  And what a bridge!  We noticed great differences as we drove over it compared to its sister bridge.  The massive high rails along the sides and the speed limit signs flashing at us are some of the things.  It's a great
bridge and I can't wait until they fix up the other one to get it working well enough that they both work together.
Now, Little Miss Stevie is home with me and I've gotten most of my gear unpacked, the washing sorted out for tomorrow and the cold goods in the fridge along with everything else in the cupboards, I'm ready to either have a nap or just chill out until dinnertime.  I'm not sure which yet.

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  1. It is a nice area. One I'd consider moving to is Gympie which isn't all that far off.

    When I know I'm going to in Mooloolaba, there's a seafood/chips shop I love eat at. Can never remember the name but it's where the fishing trawlers are docked.