Friday, May 21, 2010

Our Last Day in Paradise

Well... this is our last day here at Mooloolaba.  When I woke this morning, I looked outside and saw what the weather guy on the news told us was going to happen: a wet, cold, rainy day.  The best thing about this is that it's our first wet day of our holiday.  So, that's good!
Last night, we had another home-cooked stir-fry with prawns in it makde by me.  Mum loves what I cook and asked what else I cook for myself.  I told her about my home-made pumpkin, sweet potatoe and carrot soup with garlic... yummo!  And that there was a pasta and veggie bake I make that's delicious and Gabe makes it too from my recipe. 
While cleaning up, Mum thought to dry out some of the Corianda in the microwave; like she does at home in her own.  So, she put it between the pieces of paper and put it on the usual temperature.  Almost as soon as Mum turned her back, the whole lot in the machine caught fire!  Well!  Quickly, she opened the microwave and the stuff was still on fire!  From the lounge, all I could hear was her swearing... so I looked around and I could see something was on fire, but didn't know how bad it was.  Mum began laughing saying the microwave must be more powerful than she thought and put the rest of the corianda in the fridge.
Today, I think we'll be hanging around here, writing the last of our postcards, reading a little and then packing for tomorrow; as we need to be out of here by 10am.  
We've had a great time; and the weather's been on our side for a good amount of the time.  Even though we thought the room was quite small at first; it had been good.  And the views have been amazing!  We've taken photos of it every morning and enjoyed ourselves completely.  Even though the bedroom is very small, we've been able to adjust and acommodate each other and each other's habits; no matter how funny they are.  And the habits are funny really.
Today, my Aunt and Uncle from Brisbane are coming up to spend four days at the caravan park down near the water not far from where we're staying.  So, Mum and I might go and see them once they've settled in and once we've packed up a little.  It's going to be an unrushed day today of getting ready to leave here.  Such a pity we have to... but we can always come back.  After all, it's only a two-hour drive north of Brisbane.
We've had a wonderful week of traveling around and enjoying what the Sunshine Coast has to offer in the way of tourist attractions.  The Sunshine Motorway is the best way to travel around the place; but it also means you miss out on the big attractions of what this part of this state offers.  There's Mt Tibrogargan which is one of the extinct
volcanic mountains and I remember seeing it when I was younger and we treaveled around this part of Queensland.
Then, there's Eumundi and its massive markets!  OMG! Talk about huge!  Mum and I arrived there at around 11am, but still didn't get to more than a quarter of them!  So, I guess we'll have to see the other three quarters next time.  But we did see 'Cocoa
Chocolat' which is a place where all the chocolates are hand-made!  If you ever do visit Eumundi, visit the markets and find this shop!  You must taste these chocolates and meet the owner... I swear, they are the best I've ever eaten.
Yandina is lovely little town with a Ginger Factory in the centre of it and this factory has the biggest selection of ginger products around.  Their ice-cream is creamy and delicious as is their ginger beer.  I will drink no other ginger beer without thinking fondly of this one; and no other ice-cream will reach this quality that Yandina had reached.
We even visited 'The Spirit House' and took some lovely photos there.  What wonderful place that is!  A restaurant and cooking school hidden in amongst a forest of statues, water features and seated areas with umbrellas.  I'd love to eat there; if it wasn't so expensive.  Well, one day, when I can afford it, I will.Yes, Mum and I have had a wonderful time here at the Sunshine Coast; and still we didn't see anywhere near enought of the attractions that we'd normally see on a holiday.

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