Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our Wednesday Out And About.

Well, Mum and I went out today; but first, we slept in a little because last night was late.  We got to bed at around midnight.  But otherwise, we got away from the hotel at around 10am and onto the wrong highway to Eumundi... yep, we were on the Sunshine Motorway instead of the Bruce Highway.  Silly us.  But we found our way through one of the back roads to the Bruce and was back on our way to the right place; and arrived there at around 11am.
Well, the Eumundi Markets were massive!  They are situated in one of the main parks on the main road; and it just keeps going and going.  Then, they've got new parts that have crossed the road which we didn't get to see.  We didn't even get through a quarter of any of it; so I think the next time we're up this way, we'll be definitely coming back to it to see the rest of it.  At around 1pm, after purchasing some small things (it's not as cheap as you'd expect), Mum and I headed towards a place that was recommended by one of the stall owners called Eumundi Delight.  But Mum bought some pepper first; and I tried out a Spanish Donut made by a Frenchman (and I had my first French conversation.  He was very nice about how little French I knew; and flattered I knew a little and tried to speak it.  He even said that he loves the way English-speaking people have their own accent when they speak his language... it's a particular type of accent and he loves it).  
After a lunch of a Vegetarian
Turkish Toastie, Mum and I took a wander around Eumundi, went to an art shop with the most wonderful paintings where the artist was inspired by Dali and then we walked to the Chocolate Shop. The lady who owns this place hand makes all her chocolate and has worked hard on her shop... and tonight we just ate the most delicious chili chocolate truffles.  They were wonderful, with just enough chili in them that it tingled - not burnt our tongues. 
By this time, it was around 2pm or so and we headed off to Yandina to visit the Ginger Factory.  But we missed the turn off and drove to the next one at Nambour, turned around and came back!  It was hilarious as we had to go through two round-a-bouts and then keep an eye out for the Yandina turn off. 
The Ginger Factory was lovely - if you ignore the
odour of sewage that wafted through once in a while!  We jumped on the train that went around the place and learnt about the place and history of where
its fame came from.  Then, we bought some famous ginger products and some other things that I'm going to send to a Bookcrosser in America who's won my Surprise Parcel.  Then, I bought a Ginger Beer... and believe me, it's the best one I've ever drunk in my life!  And Mum bought some Ginger ice-cream which didn't have any weird effects on either of us (no stomach cramps, no weird feeling or beginnings of ulcers on our tongues this afternoon.  These are the main reasons why we don't eat ice-creams; but with this ice-cream this afternoon, it was wonderful!).
We wanted to see if the macadamia place was open across the road, but it wasn't; it was only 4pm!  Anyway, Mum drove me to 'The Spirit House' - which
was only about 5minutes drive away (and my brother was going to soon to learn a cooking technique) and we took so many photos!  The place was fantastically beautiful and relaxing!  
On the way home, Mum drove us to
Coolum Beach, which was the first European settlement in 1871 (there was
a sign just before you drive into it).  We drove through
to the beach and up to Perry Point where we watched the surf roll in and found the sky had turned a lovely pink-violet colour.  The lights were reflecting off the
water and the wind was cold as it came onshore.  But the photos we took was worthwhile.
We took off from there and were back onto the Sunshine Coast Motorway before long; then back to Mooloolaba.  Tonight, I made my famous vegetarian stirfry for Mum and she loved it!  I'll make it for my whole family one day.  Well... it was a long day; but we've both had fun and will definitely sleep well tonight.

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