Tuesday, May 18, 2010


At last we're here!  Yep, Mum and I made it to Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.  Yesterday was an amazingly sunny day for travel, but it didn't start out that way.
I had my bag packed the night before and had to only put in the last bit and pieces.  Then, what I had to do was look for my phone charger; well, that was something I didn't want to panic about but I ended up doing.  So there was I was in my living room yesterday morning pulling apart my carefully packed 'Hawks' bag looking for a plug... silly really.  I decided to pull open one of my curtains and when I did, the whole curtain came off the rod!  I swore and got the ladder and tried to get it back on.  When it didn't work, I tossed it up onto the rod and the whole lot - rod and all - fell down!  All I could do was burst into tears!  So, when Mum came to pick me up, we had to use a sheet and let Dad to know to come and fix the curtain.  
The drive up was really good.  There were no traffic jams or accidents.  And being a new highway, we by-passed Mt Timbrogagan (which looks like a massive crouching gorilla to me; and it covered in trees and moss).  The old road used to go straight past it.  I missed seeing it as it used to be a part of the experience of being up in this part of the Sunshine Coast.  Mum said we might come back down the old way and see it on the way home.  
We had lunch at my Aunty Marge and Uncle Terry's house at Pelican Waters before coming to Mantra here at Mooloolaba.  They had a gorgeous Siamese cat called Missy who loved sooking up to everyone around her.  And she's being minded by them.  Actually, Missy is their day cat.  The neighbour owns her; but she hangs out at their house for the day and goes home at night.  They've lived up this way for around a decade now and love it.  
The Mantra is a lovely hotel with a big spa in the bathroom, fantastic views of the beach and up the coast and the hotel has lovely shops, an indoor pool, gym and secure parking (our car is locked in with a big secury gate).  Then, to get into the hotel and rooms, we have to use our room key to go up and down the lifts too.  The hotel is just lovely; and we will come back sometime in the future.

Today, we're meeting up with some Bookcrossers here at Mooloolaba.  Then tomorrow, we're hoping to go to the Eumundi Markets... how wonderful would that will be!

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