Saturday, May 8, 2010

Logan City Celebrates Volunteers.

I'm a volunteer of Logan City; and have been for a decade now.  And seeing how many volunteers are around for Logan City, our Council thought to put on a big day for us... just for us.  And so, we all got invited to show up at Meadowbrook Park at Loganlea today and be entertained, have a free lunch, and enjoy a day off from volunteering our time for Logan City to say thank you.  
Mum came with me and we totally enjoyed ourselves.  I was given a bag with some goodies in it and purple wrist band to show I was a volunteer and I nabbed myself a water bottle too (there weren't many of those; so I was lucky). 
However, she was really bummed that she had to supply her own lunch... until somebody asked her if she volunteered to drive me there.  Mum said that she often volunteered her time to drive me places and so she was seen as a volunteer and got a free lunch too.  She and I had a ball enjoying the entertainment, drinking tea and coffee and meeting Logan City Councilors in person.  I got to meet the Mayor of Logan City - Pam Parker - and she was getting around on an elbow crutch because of bad leg injury.  
Then, I got to meet Dean Vegas - who is one of the
best Elvis Presley impersonators around - and he had two sets on the main stage.  The first was in his gold, glittery jacket and the other was in a red and gold jumpsuit; but he was wonderful.  A lot of people got up and danced to his songs; but once lunch was done, we all sat down and let it settle.  There was a raffle where 25 prizes were up for grabs; however I
didn't win anything.  It was good to be in the draw for it all though.
As the day wore on, I got in and did some art work at the Logan Art Gallery tent and Mum watched some Bollywood Dancing at another tent.  I photographed some outsider art and planted a tomato plant and saw what a Wollemi Pine looked like.  We completely enjoyed ourselves.  By the time it was time to leave, we could have easily curled up somewhere and gone to sleep.

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