Saturday, May 15, 2010

Packing But Not.

You know, I find that packing for a trip or holidays the most frustrating thing!  There's all the laundry to do, the sorting out of food, medications, finding somebody to either take my bird (or enough food for her) and then there's the mail to get my post office to hold on to.  Besides all that, I have to make sure I don't get bills at the wrong time so I have enough money to do what I need to get done.  Frustrating!  

Otherwise, I do love going away for that holiday.  Getting away from it all to wherever I'm going to is totally worth it! Whoever said that a change was just as good as a holiday isn't lying.  I love change... it all depends on what kind of change it is.  People have told me that I don't like it when things change.  For a person who has to just go along with everyone's plans when they don't have a car, well, I have to disagree with that.  Whenever I'm out and about with my family, they tend to change everything at the last mili-second; thinking that it'll all be okay with me (when in reality, it might be completely off base for me.  I'll be wanting to go home because I'm exhausted and ready to just have something small to eat and make sure my bird is warm enough).

Change for me can be a bad thing though.  Being a person with a medical condition that is commanded by medications, I have to make sure I take them all the time.  I have had to be diligent and patient with doctors in the past until we got the right lot of meds for me.  And once we did, I stuck to the routine totally!  There was no going back on it... so yeah, in some ways change can be a bad thing for me.
So, when I won a trip up to Mooloolaba, I was absolutely stoked!  What a place!  I looked outside and thought it would  be a brilliant change for me to go away somewhere!  So, I invited Mum to go with me.  We're going next week and she's asked me to make sure my house is neat and tidy for when I get back.  I've been trying to keep it tidy, but when you're packing but you're not... it's hard to keep things in the bag.  So, I've told her that I'm doing my best and if she's not happy with it, well, I have to live with it when I get home.

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