Monday, March 28, 2011

Earth Hour

On Saturday night, we had Earth Hour.  I spent it in the dark writing in my journal by candle light.  I had unplugged all my appliances and made myself a pot of tea by boiling some water in a pot on my gas stove.  It took a lot longer than it usually would with the kettle and so it made me realise how much I relied on the modern conveniences of everyday things.  With the television and radio switched off, I found the house settled into the silence very quickly and it felt nice to have nothing to have to watch or listen to for this one hour; and so I sat down, opened my journal and wrote in it for about half an hour and sat drinking my tea and eating my chocolate for the other half.  

It felt lovely to just sit and not worry about anything.  And it's not often we get to do just this; and we should all do this more often; not only to save ourselves money in our power bills but to just listen to our world around us.  

I ended up going outside for a few minutes just before it finished and looking at the stars.  Without my lights on, or the television blaring, my little piece of the world felt nice and quiet for a while...  even if it was only for one hour.
So, what did you do for Earth Hour?

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