Friday, March 18, 2011

My busy week!

Wow!  What a week! Sunday and Monday weren't much... really, honestly, they weren't.  I read the paper and did a lot of cleaning up and found out my kitchen counter was much bigger than I originally thought... but other than that, all I did was edit some writing I was working on and get into some sorting out some reading material.
On Tuesday, I paid my phone bill (I think) and then did some laundry, washed up absolutely everything, wiped down the counter, opened up the house and swept the kitchen floor.  Then hopped online for some serious time on here... which only lasted around three hours before I got really bored.  There was nothing on here that kept my attention for very long - yep, I had the attention span of a gnat.  So, I did what any avid reader would do... I kept with my challenge to myself from the day before and set up my deck chair out in my carport, grabbed the books I promised to read, my two phones, Little Miss Stevie and the bottle of Cranberry Juice and got my nose into the pages of three great books I've been meaning to get into over the last year.  That big reading splurge began at midday and finished at 3:30pm... what a massive lot of reading!  By the time I had pulled in the deck chair and put my dear sweet budgie back inside, I was tired; and I didn't want to do anything.
Wednesday was great.  I got all my shopping done.  Every last thing on the list was bought, right down to my Biotene (dry mouth toothpaste) and my deodourant and I had exact change for the cab driver.  Then, I found out on Thursday morning, I still had $50 left over in the bank on my keycard!  How good is that?  What a brilliant thing to happen!
I bought a few things that day... like a 3kg bag and a prepaid envelope.  The bag was for some books I wanted to post off to a fellow Bookcrosser and the prepaid envelope was for the receipt book that was to be sent back to the Leukaemia Foundation along with the sponsorship page.  I hope they find the credit card payment in the back... they probably will.  On the same day, I bought some milk on the way home and sat on the computer and edited some written work, looked up some things on google... then jumped offline, had a much-needed shower, put away some laundry (but not enough to make a dent) and then, made dinner. 
Today, I got up before 8am - for once this week - and had breakfast early.  I was happy to see that my kitchen sink wasn't full of dishes... washing up every night is a good habit to get into.  If only my neighbours would fix their plumbing so my pipes didn't make that horrible knocking noise, then I wouldn't worry about having a shower at night so much.  I checked the mail earlier than usual and jumped online to find my friend in Canada, Gerald, was there.  We chatted but his isp kept kicking him off.  Then, Mum phoned me and she invited me out to the biggest closing down sale around!  It was the Angus & Robertson Bookstore 75% off sale!  How could I say no.  I promised myself I would watch the melee of people politely fighting over books... but instead, I got well-involved and found books by Stephen King and Peter F. Hamiton... and what should have cost me over $70.00 only cost me $24.00!  The store closes on Sunday; and it was close to empty at around midday today.  Be quick if you want your choice of books!
So, that's my week.  It had everything.  Housework, shopping, money, greed, books and sales.  Now, all I need to do is find a place for the new arrivals in my ever-growing collection.  I hope you had a great week like I did.

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