Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wet Old Weekend

After a week of pretty good weather, we've had a weekend of pretty horrible, cold, wet weather.  It's good reading weather, good dvd weather, good anything but go outside and enjoy the day weather; and really when it's raining 90% of the time, it's best probably to just pull the old duvet over your head again and ignore the phone.
But really, I didn't.  I went out and bought the paper, talked to some of the neighbours and had my first bowl of rolled oats for the year.  And Little Miss Stevie was kept behind one of the front curtains for a good part of the day just to keep warm; and she still is.
The rain began at 4am Saturday morning; and it hasn't really stopped.  It's been good dull, drenching rain; and so, last night, when I felt like take away food, I cooked a nice pasta dish and jumped into that... it was so lovely, I really didn't want to be full because it warmed me up so nicely. 
Then, I watched 'Paris Blues' starring Sidney Pointier and Paul Newman and Louis Armstrong.  When the people in this film weren't talking, the filler music was jazz and blues.  I had this turned up really loud and loved every minute of it.  And the band that played all that beautiful music was the Duke Ellington Jazz Band... what a great band!  I love his work.  And Louis got a good talking part as a big Jazz musician; instead of a few lines in the beginning and a few at the end; in this film, he meant something and played his best!
Today, I've been on and off the net all day talking to my friends and Googling things, checking on the bird, listening to music and hoping to get my house tidy before the end of the day.  I ought to be able to make it soon.  Otherwise, late last night, I got within 30 pages of the end of 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho; and so I'll be able to get through my fourth of fifth book this year soon and onto my next one, I can't wait.
Anyway, enough from me.  I haven't mentioned half the stuff I want to do - and have gotten done.  There's mail to organise for tomorrow, the lounge room to tidy up (and keep tidy) a bag of paper to get through, a the kitchen to keep exactly the way I've gotten it and the bathroom to clean up.  And I'm trying to get through it all in good time.  Last year, I worked on cleaning out the house, this year, it's a matter of cleaning it up.  There's still things to clean out - which I'll do as I go along - but still I need to clean up more than anything.  
So, what are you getting done - or planning on getting done - that you've put off?  Leave a comment and let us know.  Until my next post, keep safe and warm.  And remember, I'm always here.

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