Friday, March 25, 2011

Weirdly Busy Week

I haven't written here since last week; and I feel horrible for it.  But it's been strangely busy; and I haven't been well since Wednesday also a few plans I had this weekend have fallen through.
Sunday was a day of getting up late and reading the paper.  But I was nervous all day and had everything done too early to get in late... if that makes sense.  On Monday, I was off to the post office early and found not much in the mail; which was a relief, at least I don't have any bills.  
From Tuesday onwards, I was busily writing away on the computer and fixing up my erotica book I have been working on for about a year now.  I started out writing short erotic stories, then thought I could join up the plots; and the next thing I knew, I had a book!  Jeez, I can't win can I?  No matter what I do, I can't just write short stories about a subject.  They all line up in the end anyway.  Oh well, I guess that's the thing about being a writer.
Well, I had a good time about getting in and writing and editing my work.  But I began doing it until late at night and that wasn't good for my system.  So, I woke up on Wednesday and felt like crap... really, I felt so ill I nearly didn't want to get out of bed!  So, I carefully looked at breakfast and nibbled at it, did a few things around the house, hid from the sun, cringed from the sound of the stereo and didn't know why I felt so much like crap... but endured it.  Then, on Thursday, I felt so much ... worse!  I was convinced I had a virus of some kind... so I called into the Logan Art Gallery and said I was crook (something I don't do very often) but if I had something bad, I didn't want to be ill there.
I sat on the net, read blogs, drank a lot of water and dragged myself around the unit until the sun went down... then I had to look at food again... blech!  I really had to eat... something, anything.  I didn't care what, so long it wasn't greasy.  So, I made myself some veggie pasta and sauce and ate as much as I could and settled in for the night.  I got to bed late after reading a good lot of 'Blockade Billy' by Stephen King and crashed once the light was out.  
Today,I woke to a nice, cool, clear morning and felt great... so it was my hormones playing the horrible tricks on me.  I had a chiropractor's appointment and kept it.  It was good to get out and about today and so when I had to go for my walk, I went up to the Springwood Community Centre and looked around there.  However, they were in the last preparations for a Wedding Expo tonight; so I didn't go inside.  As I was walking away, I was asked by two elderly Asian couple about where Dennis and Springwood Roads join; and I said it was a long walk from where they were now.  So, working with the Community Centre people, we were able to figure out a way to get them to their destination without them walking all that distance.  
Once back at my folks' place, I tried to get on the internet and it didn't happen, so I looked around on their modem, reset it, and tried again.  Still, it didn't happen.  So, I turned on Dad's computer and a blue screen came up with 'Warning' in red letters and it talked about virus' and trogans.  Well!  I shut it off with the emergency shut-off and when it didn't shut off fast enough - stalling on the 'saving your settings' screen, I switched it off at the wall; thus shutting off the whole system.  This worried me about how his computer was running; and so I called him up and told him what happened and was concerning him too that their internet wasn't working and neither was his computer... something he had to get looked at urgently.
Well, I came home, and enjoyed my final episode of 'Head of the Class'; and episode I don't remember seeing.  Then, I went to see some neighbours and chatted until it was dark and came home for dinner a dvd and now I'm on here blogging away before tomorrow where I might not be able to get online.  I'll be taking some work with me to edit and books to read while I'm there.  And seeing I finished two books this week, I'm ahead of schedule with my reading this year... having read five books in three months.
Well, that's my week.  It's pretty late and I better get some sleep before today turns into tomorrow...  Until my next post, keep warm, keep safe and remember, I'm always here. 

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