Monday, August 29, 2011

Another Beautiful Day

We had another beautiful day here in Brisbane; and I savoured it by going out to Garden City to do a few errands.  I caught the earlier bus than I normally would and was off to the bank to deposit the money I got for the sale of my Celica into my holiday account.  On the way there, I perused the shelves of QBD and found two books I was interested in, but didn't wish to spend the money and asked them to hold the books for an hour or so until I went to the bank and got the money out for the day.  
Once I went to the bank to get my money out, I then went to another bank to deposit the holiday money and I had the day to myself to buy some paint, and look at another book store for 'Red Dog' (which was one of the books that I had seen in QBD for $20; but I wanted to see if somebody had parted with it at the Book Cafe upstairs).  Unfortunately, the book wasn't there, but I did find 'Journey From Venice' by Ruth Cracknell for $12 and it's a first edition; in hard cover!  Nice and well worth the money.  I went back to QBD and looked over the two books I had chosen and decided to leave 'Red Dog' and take 'One Last Dance: Patrick Swayze' for $6.99.  I picked up my medication, looked through 'Dotti' (where nobody served me; but they did serve a heavily pregnant 20-something year old woman... strange but true...) and then I walked toward the bus station.  On my way, I spotted an army officer in uniform standing in the crowd At Ease with Legacy badges and items for sale in a cardboard tray around his neck.  Immediately, I walked up and looked through some of the things that he had on offer and found I could only afford the key ring; which looks pretty good too!  And on my way to have some coffee, I attached my house key to it; now it's in my pocket as a permanent key ring to use all the time.
I had a coffee at Gloria Jeans and it was lovely until a lady sat down with her Autistic child.  Something about the place set her child off screaming; it was the coffee machine - when they used it - and the poor kid slammed their hands on the table and screamed at the top of their lungs.  Meanwhile their mother was grabbing their hands saying: "No, stop doing that.  Now, be good." And I don't think she realised it was the coffee machine that bothered their child in the first place.  Instead of asking them, she just kept on telling them to be quiet.  I felt so sorry for the kid; and wanted to take them out of the place to somewhere quiet, as loud, unusual noises can really set them off.
Anyway, I headed off to the bus stop and waited for about 20 minutes and I was home before long.  There wasn't much in the mail and I was happy with my purchases for the morning as I had arrived home just after midday to Little Miss Stevie happily singing to the day in the sun; so I pulled the curtain a little for her to have a bit of shade and opened up the whole house and a nice breeze came through before jumping online to see what I had missed out on this morning.
This afternoon, while I was watching some 80's television, I got a phonecall from Mum and Dad and they asked me to meet them down the front of the complex.  So, I did; and what did Mum have for me from her trip to the coast on the weekend?  She had bought me a copy of 'Red Dog'!  I just had to tell her that I had contemplated buying it today and didn't; opting instead for the cheaper book of Patrick Swayze's.  She laughed saying it was just pure luck I did that.  Well, it's getting on a bit now, and I have some washing up to do.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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