Sunday, August 21, 2011

Busy, Long-Feeling Weekend

This weekend has felt longer than it really was.  I mean, was it really only two days long?  Well, it didn't feel like it; not to me.  Saturday seemed to go on forever as I was called in to the Gallery for the morning shift with Geoff; and that was one busy shift with people coming in and the staff readying the place for the RADF meet (this is a grant given out by the Logan Council; not for writers so I don't apply).  The phone rang all the day and we could barely get a word in to talk to each other. I did a little bit of knitting my green scarf, but didn't read anything of 'Other Colour' by Orhan Pamuk; pity, he's a great Turkish writer.
That afternoon, I got home, jumped online and stuffed around until Mum phoned me and invited me out to Spotlight at Logan.  This place is great if you want to decorate a new home, or redecorate an old one.  It's got cushions, drapes, lounge covers (of all sizes), kitchen stuff (and that's everything), fabric to make anything you have in mind.  Then, there's the hobbies section of tapestry, knitting, crochet and painting... it's a huge and amazing place where if I had a credit card, I'd run myself into debt so badly, I'd never get out of it.  But Mum just kept adding balls of yarn to the trolley and we were going all gaga over how nice they were and the price of them.
We paid at the checkout and took the lift downstairs to where there's a Gloria Jean outlet and I bought us both coffee and mocha.  It was lovely to sit down and relax for a little while.  While there, Mum made a donation and got a postcard to give to the Mater Children's Hospital and wrote on it with her pen before giving it back.
As we drove out onto the Service Road, it was becoming cool outside and the sun was turning the western skies golden and the clouds burnt pinks and oranges.  Mum and I got talking about what we were having for dinner and chocolate on our way back to my place.  It was good, light conversation.  We unpacked the car, called Dad and said our goodbyes after closing up the house and making sure my little bird was comfortable.
Today, I woke around 7:30am, dressed quickly in the cold and went out to buy the paper and milk (as I was getting low on it).  When I got to the front door, the key wouldn't work.  So, I took the initialised key cover off it and opened the door.  It was still being difficult, but then, suddenly, I couldn't find that damned thing!  I looked everywhere!  I retraced my steps and it wasn't anywhere at all.  So, I found my spare keys upstairs and found two spares for the front door and made a new key from it; attaching the keyring I normally have for it (minus the cover with my initial on it; as this is how the key became difficult in the first place).  Then, once I had the key in my pocket, pulled the newspaper out of the bag and put it one the table and grabbed the milk, what did I find in the bottom of the bag?  My house key I had dropped at the front door!  I had spent 20 minutes looking for the darn thing and it was in front of me the whole time!  I felt really stupid when I came across it... and don't you when that happens?
I ate breakfast and let Little Miss Stevie out of her cage to hang around the newspaper with me and she ran around and pooped on the table and licked it too... yuk... then eventually, flew off to her cage after I took some photos of her.  However, the rain settled in with the cold and wind causing me to keep the house closed up tight for a good part of the day.
By around 1pm, I went out and bought myself a Chicko Roll and ate it at home and then washed up everything in the kitchen and cleaned the stove inside and out while listening to a couple of vinyls.  At 2pm, I read 'Other Colours' by Orhan Pamuk and found that the spine of it had come apart due to cheap glue used by the publishers.  So, after I finished reading at 3pm, I grabbed the craft glue and caked it on then strapped it together to hold the whole book in place for the next three days or so.  I have lost count of how many books I've done this to; but they've been old books, whereas this one is new.
As the afternoon turned dark and the rains returned, I turned on the television and listened to 'Roseanne' while I painted up a new canvas green for new work.  Then, I watched the movie 'La Bamba' and skipped between channels as I knitted for the next few hours - until around 9pm when I turned off the television completely at the wall and deadlocked the whole house up; but left the lights on for a while.
I'm almost ready for bed now.  It's getting late.  My bed has been made up and ready for the last hour and half... and I'm getting really tired; and one of the last few things I have to do is clean my teeth and put on my Nivea Night Cream before turning out the light.  Tomorrow is going to be another cold, wet day... another day where I can't do my laundry - bummer!  I can't wait until it fines up again.  I have new sheets to wash for my bed this Summer and all my other clothes to clean too - including handwashing - to get done and put away.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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