Monday, August 15, 2011

Long Weekend for Logan City

This weekend has been a busy and hectic one; it's also been an interesting one as well with an 8-year mystery of a missing Sunshine Coast boy solved on Saturday night.  
Eight years ago, Daniel Morcombe went missing while waiting at a bus stop on the Sunshine Coast.  His parents and twin brother have been looking for him since; so have the Queensland Police.  The case has never been closed and people have been diligent with their search for Daniel until Saturday night when police arrested a man who was a suspect those years ago.   Now it's the case of finding the body of Daniel; as he did not survive his abduction.  This is a horrible thing to find out about a person; and yet it's a relief they're going to find him as it will help his family grieve and start their lives over.
On Friday night, some friends and I went out to the Logan Art Gallery to an opening.  We went for a couple of reasons.  One of friends had her art shown there; and we wanted to support her.  Bailey Hughes' paintings are just gorgeous and very pretty.  And I also wanted to look in on a knitting show of one woman's where she took knitting up to a whole new level.  It was amazing; such a pity we weren't allowed to take any photos of it all.
During my weekend, I caught up on my reading - something I haven't done for a while seeing I've been cleaning out the house and tidying up.  I've begun 'Wrestling With The Angel' by Michael King.  It's Janet Frame's biography - her last one - before she past away in 2008; and her most detailed as well with three lots of photos in it.  I'm up to Chapter Three; which is by far the most I've read since receiving the book in 2000 for my birthday from Mum.  
Today, we were asked by Daniel Morcombe's family to wear red in memory of Daniel.  So, I searched my wardrobe and realised that I didn't own a single red item of clothing - no red shirts, shorts, jeans or jackets.  And the reason for this is because I have red hair; and it's not the colour I'd wear.  So, I tied some poppies from ANZAC Day (they're not real ones) to my camera case and took it out with me to the post office to mail out the Census - which didn't get picked up yesterday - so it was something I wore; also that camera is always with me all day in case there's something to photograph.
Also today, I got stuck into doing all my laundry - all three loads - and filling up the clothes line, washing up everything, cleaning the stove and writing out the shopping list for Wednesday.  I put away all the knitting wool I've got spare, threw out the scraps and tossed out the recycling and rubbish into their respectable bins in the car port before I had a nice hot shower, washed my hair and read about 15 pages of Janet Frame's biography.
Tomorrow, I'm off to the Logan Art Gallery for my volunteer work.  Seeing I made more than enough pasta, I might take some with me for lunch.  It ought to be a nice day to learn how to knit a teapot cosy... I've been needing one for a while now and just found a pattern for one.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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