Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Favourite Photos Time - August!

Wow! A month certainly races by so quickly, don't you think?  For me, it's been a strange old month; and I've got the photos to prove it.  And here are some from the vaults that didn't make it onto Facebook or 365 Project.

The engine of my old Celica. Now, that's when engines were engines!

Love this shot of the moon above the complex.  The colours are just magic.

The moon just clearing the trees over the road.

A recent photo of Brisbane City with the lights reflecting off the clouds.

Love this tip jar at The Music Kafe on Boundary Street, West End!

I Love Beer! 

The King of his own car park...

For Legacy.  Lest We Forget all of those soldiers fighting for our country.
I hope you have enjoyed the photos I have found to be my favourites this month.  There may be only a few of them, but I still love them just the same. 

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