Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Show Day Holiday Crowds

Today, I looked outside and it looked like it was going to be a lovely, warm Spring Day here in Brisbane.  So, I dressed in a t-shirt and jeans; nothing too warm in case it did get hot.  The sun was lovely as I walked to the bus stop; and the clouds looked a little dark but none of us there thought it was going to amount to much.  Well, not until I hopped off at Triple C Shopping Centre at Logan Central and I got a good look at those gathering rain clouds!
I walked quickly to Life Line and found my next major handbag and a couple of wallets, then it was off to the fabric shop to buy some cheap stuff to make a table cloth for Stevie's cover this Summer.  I bought 2 metres of checked material that was nice and light which I'll be cutting down the middle and then making into a nice table cloth with so I can cover her over... yep, something else she can chew through! 
By the time I walked out of Woolworths, the clouds were looking very menacing and low, and I had a fifteen minute walk to K-Mart Plaza ahead of me.  So, I took off as soon as I organised myself and got there in less than that time.  About ten minutes after walking through the doors of that shopping centre, the heavens opened up and it poured!  Boy, did I time that trip right or what?
I paid off 'True Blood' Season Two (there was only $16.95 left on it and I wanted to get into paying off the Supernatural Box Set faster and have it by Christmas) and now have something to watch this weekend.  However, as I exited 'Woody's Music Store (which is owned by Savage Garden), I found a massive Jumping Castle looking at me and a long queue of children and adults awaiting their turn.  The blue and purple and pink castle just brushed the ceiling support of the place as the generator out the back kept it fully inflated.  The co-ordinator sitting at the door of the castle was using his iPhone to keep tabs on the time of how long each group of kids were in there for.  As I walked past, there was another line going in the opposite direction for donut decorating and sample bags.... some of the kids didn't know whether to eat their creations or to take them home as a work of art!  The parents were having more fun with this activity than their kids; that was for sure.
Then, down near the chemist, there was Sideshow Alley; where they had a clown face game, where you put the ball in their mouth and you got a prize.  With only one set there, kids were fighting over who was next; and the parents were telling them:  'You have only one go... no, only one!'.  Outside Coles was a long line of kids who were getting their faces painted by one woman.  She was rushed off her feet - um hands - with her creations; but she was great.  The children walked up plain-faced and walked away looking like Spiderman, a butterfly or a Tiger... very cool!  And she was brilliant too!  I haven't seen one as good in a long time!  
But it was the crowds that surprised me here today.  I keep for getting that the supermarkets bring the Ekka to the suburbs as a novelty for us all; and the kids benefit from it.  For us people without children, we forget this goes on each year as it's just another day.  
And speaking of which, Coles Supermarket is putting on a big thing for the schools where you can earn tickets for your schools to get free items - such as books, sporting equipment and other great things.  Well, I went through the checkouts and the guy there asked if I wanted my tickets and I said for him to hand to the lady behind me for her kids (as her three or four kids were with her today); that I don't have children and my niece goes to a private school and doesn't need them.  The lady was totally surprised about how generous I was; and I said seeing I don't need them, her kids' school does... so why not put them to good use.  So, there was my good deed for the day.
Well, it's just about 2pm and it's become very cold.  I can't get onto 365 Project to upload my photo for the day... bummer... oh well, I guess, I might go and finish the washing up from this morning, put away the shopping trolley and do some reading on the lounge.  Oh, yeah, and call that job agency for disabilities through their toll-free number; seeing when they called, I was given a wrong number to call back on (whoops!).  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.


  1. If you continue to shop at Coles, my kids would be happy to accept your vouchers because their schools are involved with it.

  2. Oh, cool... I'll remember them next time I'm there. It was because the lady was next that I gave them to her; that's all.

    The look on her face was indescribable. And her kids said thanks. :)