Saturday, August 27, 2011

Busy Saturday

Today, it was a busy one; and a wet one to boot, which made what I had to do a lot easier than it would otherwise if it was if the sun was out.  I tidied up the house.  The wiping up was put away as I made breakfast and served it up, then, the laundry basket was taken upstairs and the kitchen table was cleared of all things it didn't need and the lounge was also found again after the yarn, clothes and other crap was put away or tossed out.  I organised my knitting and patterns and knitting books into their own area; it looks pretty good too!  Then, I put on some vinyls and kicked back and did some singing (didn't sound too bad - a little flat - but had fun seeing the house was closed up!).  
Once the last Jethro Tull vinyl was finished up, I realised the Hawthorne vs Western Bulldogs game was on channel 10!  So, I switched it on and my team (Hawks) was ahead... great!  I needed to be upstairs, so I turned it off and left the room and grabbed everything off the clothes horse, folded it up and put it away and went up to my room and put the clothes in the clean basket to await folding - which didn't get done today.  I jumped online for a second time for a little while and thought to have a shower and wash my hair and begin to get ready to go out tonight.
Well, once the computer was off, and I washed my hair with the Fructis shampoo and conditioner, I found the itching I had been experiencing for the last week became worse!  So, I looked around and quickly grabbed the expensive Pantene shampoo in the rack, poured some out and washed my hair.  the moment I washed it out, the itching stopped! I couldn't believe it!  I am allergic to Fructis!  So, I grabbed the Pantene conditioner and used that; and once out of the shower and dried off and dressed, I felt little to no itching.  I survived the evening without scratching too much; well not as much as I was today, where I looked like I had head lice!  Now, it just feels like I have peeling sunburn and I have to ignore it; at least it's not driving me completely nuts anymore.
Tonight, Mum, Dad and I went out to see Gabe and Darren play as 'The Gypsy Wagon' duo at The Music Kafe in West End.  It was an early gig - starting at 5pm and finishing at 7pm; where we showed, Riley was there, and some other friends also showed up.  Then, there was this guy who was sitting at another table who turned to me and said he saw my brother play at The River of Hope Festival at Greenslopes Bowls Club earlier this year; and he said that I stuck around for the Mr Percival Show... I said I did and that the River of Hope Festival was brilliant; even though it was dreadfully hot that day.  He agreed.  
After the gig, Kat, Gabe, Riley and the rest of the family took off to The Punjab Palace to have dinner.  It was a lovely little get together for us.  We chatted and at delicious food and had fun too.  Mum and I had our cameras with us and took photos of all kinds of weird things around West End... you know, this place has some interesting stuff when you really look around on a Saturday night.
We walked back towards the Music Kafe and passed by The Boundary Hotel when we heard some great Rock-a-Billy music coming from inside and stopped to listen.  We looked in through the window and found a duo playing away there; with the audience really getting into it; enjoying the moment, the beat and the raw sound of the double base.  It was brilliant!  I loved it.
Then, Riley turned to me and said: "You're the height of a year 7, you know that?" I smiled and said, "Yeah, and I got stuck there." we both laughed and kept listening to the music as the song ended.  Too soon, it was time to go our separate ways and head off home.  And you know, it wasn't all that late either.  It had only gone 9pm and we were pulling away from the curb off Boundary Street and into the wet streets of West End of Brisbane City.
Now, I'm home, I'm drinking the last of my lukewarm Milo, it's almost 11pm and I'm hoping to head off to bed soon to read a little before turning out the light.  Tomorrow being Sunday, it's going to be another busy day here.  I've got plans to make for the coming week; including my day out on Monday to Garden City.  But that will have to wait until another time.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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