Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August is Something Different

This month was a big one for changes and tragedy.  Early in the month, we had a few goodbyes in my life; major ones.  The first was of Video Hits.  It was a music show that had been going since 1985 and on the first weekend of this month, I had it on the television and had to say goodbye to it; how sad that after 24 years, they couldn't wait another year to make it a quarter of a century?  Well, their loss - and ours - that such a great music show is now gone.
The next day, I was off to my parent's house and saying goodbye to my dear Little Vroom; better known as my Celica.  Nobody knew I called it that until that day and Mum thought it was cute little name to call my car and wondered why I never told anyone.  I told her that I thought that nobody would take me seriously if I let them in on the name I gave it.  She smiled and said the car was a little vroom; as it wasn't very loud when the engine was going.
I then did a hilarious post about funny things you may find in the credits of some television shows.  I had been watching 'Hercules' on the free-to-air cable here in Brisbane and at the end of its credits are some really funny things they protect; like fluffy stuffed elephants and 'almost-on-fire-evil-dudes'; really funny stuff if you look at the show and how corny and lame it really is. 
I did a few good posts about the roots of Anarchy and where it may be coming from in the name of the London Riots that happened recently; that came right on the heels of a post about good manners and how it seems to be the in thing to be horrible to other people.
Then we had the worst house fire in Australian history; where it 11 people perished in it at Slacks Creek.  It was a complete shock to wake to it and a bigger shock to find out that one of my neighbours - and friends - worked with one of the men who had lost his entire family in that night.  The Samoan and Tongan Communities are banding together for him and his brother right now and the Salvation Army has opened a fund for them to try to begin again.  However, nothing can bring back the family they have lost.  May they all Rest In Peace.
Then, on the 27th, of this month, I found out a few things about myself.  For one thing, I can get a lot done in one day and still go out to one of my brother's gigs that night and have a good time (even though I'm itching like you wouldn't believe!).  And secondly, I found out why I was itching like crazy.  I'm allergic to Garnier Fructis products!  I broke out in a horrible rash and had to high-tail to the doctors where she gave me some steroids (2 pills once in the morning for 3 days) to stop the rash from irritating me more; and to help me get to sleep at night too.
Over the last few days, we've had some lovely weather of sunny days and weirdly warmish nights.  However, last night, we had a storm pass over Brisbane where it hit the Brisbane Airport the worst and the southern suburbs didn't get much.  Out here in Logan City, we got some thunder and lightning and rain, but not much else.  I was prepared with a torch and my candles, but otherwise, the lights didn't go out like I expected.  Well, that's what's been happening this month; lot's a big things, tragic things and amazing things as well.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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