Thursday, September 1, 2011


It's late and I'm unable to sleep.  I boil it down to the steroids the doctor put me on to get rid of the rash that the Garnier Fructis products created... oh well!  I thought to post here instead of driving myself nuts in bed tossing and turning until 1am.
Today was a lovely hot day to go out shopping; and really, I could have done some laundry without the weather turning bad at all.  But with all the weird weather around lately, I didn't want to be out and about and want to have to watch the day turn nasty while my laundry was out on the line; and have nowhere to hang it (I do have a dryer; but I don't trust it as the timer on it doesn't work and it's not the best thing to have in the house as it's really old.  It's been here since before me!).  
Anyway, I ran late today to go shopping, however it wasn't my fault.  Well, okay, it was in a way.  I decided to wait for Dad to take me to the shops by car; as he offered.  And he was here to watch over the old recycling bins being removed and new larger bins being put in their place.  The morning didn't go without its usual excitement with the resident nuisance moving the wheelie bins around for the last time and then getting all flustered because she was the last to know about the change-over.  This change-over was because she couldn't keep her hands off other people's wheelie bins in the first place; so she had better not move these other bigger, newer ones.  We will have to wait and see how it all goes I guess.  
Well, I was out of here with Dad by 10am and he drove me to Triple C at Logan Central to get my shopping done.  He dropped me off and I was on my way.  The first stop - as usual - is Life Line.  I found a nice little 'Bad Alice' bag, a lipstick compact and a lovely light coat that I loved straight away; and got all of them for around $14.00 all up.  Anyway, I left a happy customer and was over at Woolworths buying up my fruit and veggies; and forgetting to pick up eggplant.  Then, I walked to K-Mart Plaza, paid off some of a layby at 'Woodys' and walked straight to 'Coles' and returned the Garnier products - explaining that they caused a horrible rash.  Just now, I e-mailed the Garnier and explained what kinds of pain I have been and that I have been to a doctor to be prescribed steroids to get rid of the rash.
Well, I had a lovely cab driver today.  He was from India and a young man too and quite chatty.  He said that he likes the Australian culture that it's a lot freer than it is in his country.  I asked how and he explained that women here don't to get married if they don't wish to; but in India, they must have a dowry and marry who they're told to.  It's all very orderly, and he thinks it's nice that people here can wait until they're older to find the right person instead of being pushed into something they may not want too early.  We got onto this line of conversation as he asked me if I had children and I said I didn't; or a husband, and he was surprised.  But he did like it that people here in Australia are so laid back and don't push our beliefs onto others.  It was the one of the most open conversations about culture I've with a person from another country I've had in a long time; and it was quite refreshing.
After I put the groceries away, gave Little Miss Stevie a cuddle and put the radio on and then opened the house up (as it's beginning to warm up to nice, warm Spring days now), I jump online and surfed, talked to a friend (who's got a cold) and then uploaded a few photos  - as you can see below - that I found were my favourites of the month.  It didn't take long for the next three hours to get away on me and it was 3pm... time for me to get downstairs and get into thinking about dinner, art and television... and to begin closing up; as it had begun to get cold.
Now, it's a little past midnight and I'm becoming tired.  My teeth haven't been brushed, bed's not made up and I'd like to read a little before I go and turn out the light.  Otherwise, it's very quiet outside and everyone's lights are turned out - all except mine - and I have some laundry to get done tomorrow morning before the day gets going too soon; as it's supposed to be a nice warm day.  I also have some serious housework to get into as well.  So, until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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