Sunday, September 11, 2011

Busy Week Mixer

Whoever said that weekends are for relaxing lied.  I've had a busy last end of the week and am going to be busy for the next few days until Thursday!  Let's start at the beginning shall we?
On Thursday, I went out to my volunteer work at the Logan Art Gallery and did my morning shift with one of the ladies (it was supposed to be Tammy; but she didn't show, oh well, at least I wasn't alone).  I forgot my reading glasses, so I had my 'Good Reading' Magazine going to waste; not to mention the book I brought with me 'The Mists of Avalon'.  I just had to knit all morning. While we were there, Lesley had a workshop going for toddlers; by the end of it the kiddies needed a nap as well as the parents. 
On Friday, I went to a knitting Master Class there (this is where an artist comes in and conducts a workshop).  It started out as a nice, coolish kinda day, and by the end, it freezing cold and pouring rain!  But we did get some great work done.  I was going to phone my folks and get them to pick me up; but one of the ladies - who had just signed on to be a volunteer - offered me a lift home instead as it was on her way home.  It was so nice of her.  

Yesterday, Mum, Dad and I went out to see off Gabe, Kat and Riley to Thailand.  Peta (Riley's Mum), Lesley (Kat's Mum) and Uncle Iain were there too. While there, I Wild Released three books for Bookcrossing - and one at Toombul Shopping Centre as well - and Riley and I chatted about books and reading; and what books we have read and what we're reading now.  Also, she showed me a really old copy of a 3-in-1 Carolyn Keene book which reminded me of one that I owned and told her she could have when she returned from Thailand.  Riley was stoked about it!  Then, Peta and the rest of us got talking about old things that our Grandparents are leaving us and all that kind of thing; all the hand-downs that we all inherit from our mothers and Grandmothers.  Well, we drank coffee and ate Subway subs for lunch - all overpriced, of course, as we were at the Brisbane International Airport!  And once they were gone, and we all went our respective ways, Mum, Dad and I went to pick up Jay and Riley's fish to mind at their place.  So, that took another hour or so to do.  Once Jay was settled in the car, then I was and the fish were, we took off (and after saying goodbye to the next door neighbour too) and I was driven home.  I walked to my place, and felt so very tired!  I couldn't be bother cooking last night, so cracked opened a can of soup and made toast and that was it.... 
Today, I've gotten in and wiped up, cooked breakfast (after buying the paper) and then jumped online to see what was what... nothing much really.  I slept so deeply last night once I got comfortable that I didn't move at all.  I was up by around 7:30am and really want to... with a chilly morning and all.  Today, I've got a few things to do that will keep the house up to scratch.  There's laundry to put away, the bed to make, the bathroom and toilets to clean, the floors to sweep and the lounge room and dining room to tidy up.  Basic stuff really; to get my house ready for this week... oh, yeah, and I have to get my shopping list done too.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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