Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mixed-up, Muddled-up Day

This morning, I was running around like a chook without a head looking for my Go Card.  This thing was hiding on me; and I knew it!  I was all ready to go out shopping, the money had been put across from one account to another, I had my shopping trolley packed, my handbag ready, my camera with extra batteries and my shoes on and breakfast was eaten; but the damned Go Card was hiding from me!  So, after ripping the house apart, I had to put it all back together again.  And it was then I found it... under some postcards I had picked up and dumped on the kitchen counter.  
But the muddled and mixed up day didn't end just there... nope, my screwed up day had just begun.  I couldn't do anything right; and I couldn't say anything right either.  Anything I did or said came out wrong and so, after I went to Woolworths, I decided to just stop talking to anyone and get my shopping over and with!  
I paid $10 off on my layby at Woodys'... that was good and fast.  I didn't have a conversation with anyone there.  I got to the chemist and grabbed my vitamins and then nearly forgot my Tegritol!  So, I went back and bought that!  I did my shopping at Coles, found my top-up shop turned into a bit of an expensive one (it happens to us all!).  But, then, I was pushing the trolley out to the carpark to wait for a cab when I realised I had left my blue, two-wheeled shopping trolley at the checkout!  Swearing all the way back there, I turned around and - dragging the Coles shopping trolley back with me - found my blue one sitting there waiting for me.  
Yep, my head wasn't screwed on right at all today... really I'm sure something else was going to go all cruddy and pear-shaped today; and you know, it did!  I caught my cab (which was the right one for once!) and then, once home, I didn't have the cash for it, so I had to muddle around inside to find the change (because the efpos machine didn't work in the cab!).  The only thing that did work was that I made a nice lunch and made the time to sit down and eat it before putting everything away!
Nope, not a good day, but I did manage to get Little Miss Stevie her seed and found some organic shampoo and conditioner that was under $20 a container.  Let's hope I'm not allergic to that now!  If I am, I'll just wash my hair in Baby Shampoo and be done with it all!  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here.

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