Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shoulda Stayed In Bed!

I really should have turned off the alarm after 7:30am and buried myself under my duvet this morning; telling the day to go away and leave me alone.  Honestly.  If the rainclouds weren't a hint of what it was going to be like, the cold should've been.
I was ready on time - that was great - and I managed to check the mail and collect what was needed on the way to the bus stop; even better, taking my best and favourite umbrella with me (mainly because it doesn't leak).  Then, I arrived at the Logan Art Gallery for my morning shift and we had a workshop of teens and adults with an artist who did steampunk-like work.  It was great; until some undesirables came and I had to follow them around.  Then, it poured rain; and I was happy I had brought my umbrella with me. 
Jane and I ate, drank, read a little and chatted.  We called up people for tomorrow's workshop - and got through to most of them.  Some of them didn't answer and two of them had been disconnected (a pity, their kids would have had fun).  We checked the money and had to draw up a new ledger in the book (I'm not sure why they don't use a real ledger book for this, but they don't; it'd be easier for them).  Anyway, the artist finished up his workshop, purchased his items from our store and received his receipt from us and was on his way with the box that had been prepared in advance (fortunately for him, it had stopped raining long enough for him to pack his car and get into it before it rained again).
Then, 1:30pm came around and I packed up my knitting, book and other stuff, turned around and found my umbrella gone!  I asked where it was and nobody could recall me bringing it in except Jane; and she was sure I did saying it was blue and white with a hook handle (and she doesn't see me all that often with it).  This umbrella isn't tiny either, it's large, hard to miss and definitely not cheap.  Mum bought it for me down the coast and thought I'd like it; and I do!  I have never left it anywhere and I've hooked it over my arm if I ever think I might so I know I won't.  
Well, we searched the gallery high and low to see where it might be and it had just grown legs.  I was really pissed off - and rightly so - to find that somebody had come in and taken it from behind me (from behind the counter of all places!) thinking it might not belong to me and it was of the Gallery's.  However, it's mine... and I want it back!  
Now, I'm a bit clumsy, a little forgetful (that's why I have lists around the house and a day planner above the phone in the kitchen) and I may be one who doesn't remember absolutely everyone's birthday, but I hate it when I have remembered an item that have taken with me to bring home only to have it stolen from under my very nose at the place I have been volunteering at for over a decade.
And my bad day didn't end there.  When I was at the chemist, I found that my handbag charm I bought at the Logan Art Gallery only a year and half ago has fallen apart on me; and I missed the bus to go home, causing me to wait half an hour longer than I needed to.  
This afternoon - at around 3pm - I called the gallery and asked if my umbrella had shown up.  They said it hadn't unfortunately.  It looks like somebody really liked it and that's a terrible thing that something that I took to the gallery has been taken from where I thought was a safe place - right behind me, not a metre behind me leaning against the wall!
Tonight, when I called Mum, and I told her what happened to my umbrella she gave me from Bangalow, she was really mad - as angry as I was - about how people just walk off with things.  She asked me if I could have possibly left it on the bus; I said no - that I'm absolutely positive I didn't.  We're both livid about how little respect people have over other people's property.  I just wish people would leave other's property alone... if it's not yours people, don't touch it!  However, if you find something outside a building - for example, on a seat or a bench and you think it might be somebody's inside the building - don't think it's a free for all, take it inside!  Somebody who works there might have left it there by accident.  
I know I had my umbrella behind me as I remember putting it where my stuff normally is in the corner; however, it was gone when it was time for me to leave; and that's just cruddy.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm and safe and remember, I'm always here. 

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