Friday, September 23, 2011

The Cage's Last Show Ever!

This morning, I turned on the radio an hour and a half earlier than usual to listen to their final show.  The four announcers - Emily Jade, Marto, Sully and Ian Skippen - were all touched at how much their public loved them.  People were calling in between songs and news reports and traffic reports (when the latter got to be done) and telling them how much they meant to their fans.  I wanted to call in, but was worried I'd begin to cry on them (which a few callers did). 
This was a lovely and memory-filled final show of The Cage's to enjoy.  However, I barely touched my breakfast and didn't want it end.  They talked about The Cage Crusader - where they organised themselves (and most of Brisbane businesses and people) to help out a family or a group of people when they were at their lowest.  During the floods, they were there for everyone, boosting morale and keeping everyone laughing when everything looked at its worst.  They also helped out then when people really needed it.  I remember when a family lost everything at Clontarf in a house fire (they weren't away from the house for long; and came back to find it gone with all of their belongings) and The Cage asked people to dig deep and donate what they could to help them.  I had about fifteen books by my door that were ready to go to a charity; instead I got one of my friends to drop them off to the studio for me along with the green bag for them to use.  These people were wonderful, thoughtful and a brilliantly matched set to work together; even though they were from totally different worlds.  And that's how most great teams start out; and work.  It's a bit like the team on MASH; they were all totally different people from all walks of life; but they worked well together in the one place and it didn't go well when they were split up for any reason.

I remember a few months back, I won a tour inside the studios of the Triple M - and I could bring along - on person. I chose my Mum.  We went there (with ten other Music Jury Members) and had we had won a 'Living End' cd and met Bangers, Johnno and Jo (three of the daytime announcers of other shows).  We also got to tour the studios and had the privilege to be inside The Cage's studio where Emily Jade's pink-studded mic was sitting with her other pink-studded items were.  I thought to get some photos of the place; and Mum photographed me using them as well.  I felt very privileged to have been where you guys host the morning show and wished it never ended.  This is a tragic thing and I hoped to have found a great thing.  However it wasn't meant to be.
The Cage has a great feel and spontaneity that not many morning show teams do.  They reach a whole host of people from Y Gens, X Gens right through to the Baby Boomers.  The music which is played on Triple M is for everyone - not just one generation or another - and that's what's great.  And each program works well with each other - from The Cage in the mornings to Drive in the afternoons - there's a certain feel that's been put through with Triple M that can't be emulated by any other radio station; and this has taken 30 years to perfect.  Now, The Cage is gone, I hope the new morning show is just as good.  I will miss this show as it woke me up in the mornings and made me laugh with everyone on it.  These guys were quick-witted, loving, charming and caring; and it showed with how you respected each other over the air.  They also loved their fans and talked to us like we were one of you and we were part of the team - and that's what makes the show completely unique.  Not many announcers will do that.  Whatever they do in their lives now, I do with them the very best and do keep us up-to-date with your ventures; whatever they may be.  From one of your Music Jury Members to you guys on The Cage: Brisbane listeners will miss you Emily Jade, Sully and Ian Skippen.

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  1. I seen on the nightly news during the week that the radio morning show was axed. I am sure there is many reasons why the program had to come to an end. Guess no public person or listeners will really know the truth why the show had to close their curtains.

    I hope for Triple M fans, they will find something more entertaining in the mornings for listeners to hear while waking up for their daily routine.